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Cooler Master, a name well known among computer manufacturers and gamers, are a Taiwanese company who release products ranging from gaming towers to peripherals such as pads for mice and adapters. Here we enlist two powerful gaming PCs which made a powerful impact in today’s market.Shravani (Content Head)


Enduring Design
Enduring Design

Cooler Master, one of the Taiwanese computer hardware manufacturing company, celebrated its 25th anniversary. On this occasion, it released all-new variation of COSMOS II and named it – COSMOS II 25th anniversary edition. All the recommendations and feedback from the previous version were taken in account. The best of them – curved side panels. Though this seems pretty cool for the 9-year old inside you, but may not have that professional feel to it. Nonetheless, following are the features of this Ultra Tower. Read and decide for yourself.

May look like a batman inspired look but , sorry Cooler Master , it looks like the moth that one usually brushes off!Shravani (Content Head)


Steel and aluminum define the body of this tower along with side panels made of glass. And guess what? The side panels are gorgeously bent. Made from tempered glass they are supported from hinges and are also removable. But the downside of these glass side panels is added weight. Weighing at 23kg, this tower stands 28inch tall. A blue LED light gives off the signature look of COSMOS II. Cooler Master has added an engraved aluminum motherboard tray, solid brushed aluminium handles and didn’t lose the original silver color scheme.

The front panel has six USB ports along with the audio-in and audio-out and an e- SATA connection. The power button is at the top and lights up when the machine is running. A four channel fan controller which offers low, medium and high speeds. There is a 200mm fan on the front panel while a 120mm fan resides at the back. This ensures the cooling inside the rig. The other fans are optional. The top panel has a fan too while the bottom panel has a dust filter. Extra three 5.25 in-bays are available.

For the sake of expandability, COSMOS II has three 5.25 inch drive bays, thirteen 3.5 inch HDDs. These include 2 from X-dock with key locks, 5 HDDs in the middle cage, 6 HDDs in the bottom cage. And they have eleven 2.5inch bay areas. The cable management in the rig is good leading to more space inside the rig. The Motherboard supports the Micro-ATX, ATX, E-ATX, XL-ATX, SSI CEB, SSI EEB. Cooling is excellent owing to the four fans. Intel i7-7700k processes the rig. The ram is the Corsair vengeance lpx 3000mhz.


Cooler Master tried to be in good books of gamers. The price for this product is 40,000 INR . Upside is we have many cool features that are worth spending the money.


Now claim your clans and destroy enemies with this bad boy at your sideShravani (Content Head)

Cooler Master released a mid-tower which is affordable and doesn’t compromise on quality. This rig costs around 3,500 INR making it one of the cheapest rigs out there to buy. But don’t worry about the performance. We got you covered with all the specs you need to know before buying it.


Acknowledging its HAF ancestors, K380 draws the similar matte black finish for the chassis along with black interiors. Also, the trendy design of a transparent side panel window which reveal the innards is present here also. Standing almost 19 inches tall, weighing 6kgs, this cannot be missed by human eyes. The deep midnight black with the mesh and honeycomb vent on the front panel is noticeable from a distance. What makes it more striking is the Cooler Master logo against the red LED lights that light up the tower when running.

The front panel has the power button with two USB 2.0 ports and audio-in and audio-out jacks along with the reset button. The headphone jack supports AC97 / HD audio. It also consists the DVD Blue ray drive. The left side panel is, as previously said, and is transparent with air gaps for letting the hot air out. The back panel has enough space for five additional slots for PCI and PCI Express cards such as graphic slots, network slots, thus, increasing expandability. Surprising fact about this rig is it comes with the option for customizing the LED lights – Red, Blue, Yellow and Green! Now that is cool, Cooler Master. The whole rig stands on four tiny feet provided for mounting the rig in place. The dust filters at the bottom ensure no dust accumulates.


Ranked at 36 for best-selling computer cases on Amazon, the performance of the rig is good enough for a low budget gaming tower. It embodies four cooling fans which keep the K380 pretty much cool. And, the usual question about noise? Proud to tell you that it has a very minimal noise thanks to Cooler Master’s excellent processor and cable management. One of the 120mm fans is just behind the logo on the front panel.

The other three are optional fans, one at the bottom, one at the right and another one at left side. It comes with three tool-less 5.25″ bays and space for seven HDDs. Also boasts an Intel Core i5 3570k which loads the games faster. We get a warranty period of one year.


Cooler Master aims at striking a balance between providing better features and performance with a low-price point. It reduced the clutter with better cable management and customization according to user’s’ needs. Added benefit of producing as minimal noise as possible. It provides the DIY gamers ample space to upgrade with time. It is a better choice to go for when your budget is low and at the same time you need to destroy your virtual enemies who threaten your avatar’s existence.


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