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Xiaomi is the third biggest smartphone brand in the world, but where it really shines is not with its numbers, it’s the hardcore fans Xiaomi have, and the community it have around MIUI, the core part of Xiaomi .

With Xiaomi Today, we aim to become the first ever blog and community solely dedicated to Xiaomi and it’s hardcore fans!

The aim of this blog is to fill the void that was there for a source which is Xiaomi-centric. As Xiaomi fans, we will be providing you all the latest info, news, leaks, rumors, reviews,

We assure you that we’ll be impartial in everything that are published / going to be published on this blog. So that means we not be giving any preference to Xiaomi devices in particular that will be undergoing tests done by us.

And if there is anything related to Xiaomi that you want to share with us, be it news tips, exclusive news, or anything that you want us to improve on, please contact us by sending emails to [email protected] or add me on skype:jiahao2013 .


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