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With Xiaomi Today, we aim to become the first ever blog and community solely dedicated to Xiaomi and it’s hardcore fans!

The aim of this blog is to fill the void that was there for a source which is Xiaomi-centric. As Xiaomi fans, we will be providing you all the latest info, news, leaks, rumors, reviews,We assure you that we’ll be impartial in everything that are published / going to be published on this blog. So that means we not be giving any preference to Xiaomi devices in particular that will be undergoing tests done by us.


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  1. Hi, I read an article concerning the specifications of the S1 3G Smartwatch Phone that has a grammatical error. The sentence, “The S1 3G Smartwatch Phone is an amazing device with specifications that deserves every coin that you spend purchasing this device.”

    The word deserves should not end with an “s.” Since specifications ends with an “s,” the verb that modifies it (deserves) should not end with an “s” based on the rule of Subject/Verb Agreement. It should read …specifications that deserve every coin that you spend purchasing this device.

  2. I purchased a new 5 Plus through Amazon. The phone did not come with a user manual, and I can’t find one anywhere.
    HELP!! English, United States.

  3. XIAOMI is the best android brand because of their awesome feature and battery life that make my day. So I’m gonna tell you that always stay with XIAOMI brand. It’s awesome and reliable.

  4. Hello, this is Finn, I don’t know if you remember me but I commented on one article that you created. And I just wanted to say that you have an amazing site, and it has provided a lot of value for me, I also have begun a website of my own and I was wondering if it would be okay if I share some of your content with my followers. I will be sure to link back to your site and give proper credit to you. Thank you. Cheers.

  5. Can somebody p[lease tell me where you put in a sd card for Blackview A30. I have been all over internet trying to find this out. Thanks Phil

  6. hello i bought a Teclast F6 Pro Notebook Fingerprint Recognition 10 months ago but unfortunatelly there is a problem with its motherboard. Could you help me to buy one?

  7. I have just had my delivery of Himo V1 bike.It is very good.The only thing is the manual in the box is in Chinese.Can you E Mail me the English translation please.Regards David Cooper

  8. I am on the novice guild and the walking pad would not let me finish the auto mode part of the guild, how I get past that?

  9. I like yor Mi Max phones, now I have Max3, previously Max 2.
    I want to know when will you launch the new model Mi Max 4 (or Max 4 Pro) because Max 3 is getting older, I want to renew it .

    Please kindly inform when will the Mi Max 4 come to the shops.
    thank you

  10. Hi,

    I would like to buy a Xiaomi MiTU Kids Phone Watch 3C 1.3 inch IPX7 Waterproof Children Smartwatch for my daughter. We live in Hungary (Europe)
    Could you please tell me that the hungarian sim cards could we use in this phone?

    Best regards

  11. Dear Sir/Madam

    Last week I purchased /xiaomi-yesoul-s3-smart-spin-bike from in Turkey. However the stand for placing a tablet and hearth beat measuring belt did not come in the package. Would it be possible to send those spare parts to Turkey ?
    We liked the bike and don’t want to return but we need these parts . And now I see in your website , new ones come with 10.1 screen with a trainer app .. do you mind sending me this as well if I pay for it? Thank you in advance

  12. i bought a Remax Smart Watch but cannot get it to turn on after charging. Do you have any trouble shooting ideas.

  13. Where is a LAOTIE L8S Pro repair service in Central Europe (Austria, Slovakia, Czechia, Poland, Hungary) ?

  14. Pohl Schmitt 1.7L Electric Kettle with Upgraded Stainless Steel Filter, Inner Lid & Bottom, Glass Water Boiler & Tea Heater with LED, Cordless, Auto Shut-Off – Boil-Dry
    I have seen this kettle on Amazon and would like to know if it is a quiet boil, if not do you have one that is quiet boil please.
    Thank you

  15. I am facing some Problems with my lenovo LP1S.. When i get those earbud out from the bud… The left one got sound and the right one isnt..this is happening maximum times.or sometimes got the sound properly on the right one to solve this?

  16. hi, i bought a WeMax One Projector, and i am facing some issues now with regards to the bulb / laser and we cannot see the picture at all, its warranty period is over ( 1 year only) and Banggood who i bought the porjector from, wont entertain it. as the parent company i would request for your help with it and how can i solve my issue. PS i live in Bahrain (Middle East)

    Best Regards

    Anand Kumar Gandhi

  17. can you tell me if there is a way to buy another charger for toodi – e 202b scooter ??
    the numbers on it are 48v-15ah
    thanks crissy

  18. Hello, I bought a .Wemax Appotronics D30 Projektor 3 months ago. A pixel error appeared 6 weeks ago, probably from the DLP chip. A small white point in the upper half of the picture. Is there a German or other European service I can turn to. I bought the device from Banggood through a European warehouse. Many thanks for your help. Kind regards Marco Pellenz

  19. Hello,

    I have a Fengmi C2. it has a killer image on SDR, congratulations!

    But even if it is HDR 10 + certified, I have nothing that gives satisfying HDR image! Very disappointing. It seems the projector not recognize a HDR signal and stay in settings for SDR. It does not tone mapping, and then HDR is impossible to use. I bought this for HDR! So not good with that even if the specs would allow to do it, if it does not do the tone mapping it is no use.

    Would there be an upgrade of firmware that can solve this? I am in contact with other buyers, and is same problem. Please help!

  20. unfortunately XIAOMI company is TOO STUPID to create a desktop app for WINDOWS 10 by themselfs, they are obviously just giving a rats arse on their customers. Its difficult and by far too anoying to install it on the pc’
    I ordered 3 cams and now can watch them on my PHONE but NOT ON MY PC??? thats laughable

  21. I am interested in a Roborock s7 PLUS 9 (robot vacuum and self clean base) I would like the bin to be baglessclean base

  22. Hallo,
    Ik zou graag een drone Fimi X8 SE 2022 kleur zwart en een afstandsbediening met ingebouwd scherm willen kopen.
    Is dit mogelijk of niet ?
    Op welke manier kan dat gebeuren , van welke winkel of site ?
    met vriendelijke groeten ,

  23. Hello , good day.
    I am interested in your job post on Upwork. I am translator (English-Turkish/Turkish English) . I am from Turkey and also native Turkish speaker.I have been working as export manager in metal industry for 3 years. I have been tutoring English-German and Turkish for foreigners. I also write articles and thesis. Please kindly contatct to me for your porster translation and other kind of freelance jobs needs such content writing, translation or editing tech blogs. Thanks in advance
    Look forward to hearing from you.

  24. How do I register my Hero Book Pro officially on line?? I would like to acquire my full one year warranty.

  25. hello,
    I just bought CG Airpods and it mentioned that the APP FILL+ supports it but I didn’t find it inside the app

    kindly assist

  26. We need quotation for XIOMI TOUCHLESS FAUCET SENSOR : 10 No


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