Colorful GeForce iGame RTX 2070 Ultra Graphics Card Offered For $679.99(Coupon)

In recent week, Colorful has released an excellent graphics card dedicated to the gaming world, If you have a PC that has got a graphics card, this offer for colorful could help sort that out. The Colorful GeForce iGame RTX 2070 Ultra Graphics Card is a fast and powerful gaming card powered by NVIDIA – the most advanced GPU architecture ever created. It’s loaded with innovative NVIDIA Game Ready technologies that let every gamer experience the latest titles in their full glory called iGame RTX 2070. This card is compatible with Windows 10 64-bit systems, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Its video memory provides an 8 GB GDDR6 type of 256 bits, with a resolution of 7680 x 4320

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Coupon code: IT-CN70RTX

Nvidia has announced three GeForce RTX models so far: the RTX 2080, RTX 2080 Ti, and RTX 2070. We don’t know when or even if lower tier cards will exist. Most likely, but they may not arrive until 2019. The GeForce RTX 2080 officially launched September 20 and is now available, along with the beefier and substantially more expensive 2080 Ti model.

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The colorful GeForce RTX 2070 graphics card has an HDMI output , 3 Display Port, and a USB Type-C on its interface . This model features an intelligent stop and runs technology on the fan. This card also produces very little noise. Colorful has also integrated 5 heat pipes and sports Drmos technology.

The Colorful GeForce iGame RTX 2070 Ultra Graphics Card is embedded with a Reflow soldering heat sink module. The luxurious 5mm heat pipe adopts the “reflowing welding” to make sure each heat pipe is integrated with cooling fan, fully optimizing the heat dissipation efficiency. Clings to the bottom mirror copper sheet heat dissipation bottom

Main Features

  • Multiple modes switch RGB light group, breathing light effect adjustment, multiple glare mode self-adjusting
  • The display color gamut can reach 1670W
  • Dual BIOS one-button switching
  • Product noise is low, fan intelligent start-stop technology, extending fan life
  • Multiple interfaces to meet market display requirements
  • Metal brushed surface / back plate
  • Tantalum capacitor: 5 heat pipe 
  • Drmos technology

Where To Buy The Colorful GeForce iGame RTX 2070 Ultra Graphics Card

The Colorful GeForce iGame RTX 2070 Ultra Graphics Card is currently available on Gearbest for $679.99 using the coupon code: IT-CN70RTX



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