Cloud vs Onsite Email Archiving

Email archiving softwares makes the job of storage administrators easier. It is recommended to know about different cloud email archiving solutions before choosing one. The details that should be given attention while choosing an Email archiving service are the different types of services available, costs and other important factors to look for.

Why should one use email archiving services?

The main reason why businesses opt for email archiving services is because it solves a major problem for enterprises, more specifically the IT department of the enterprises. As Email is one of the most important aspects of an organisation, it is essential to keep a permanent backup of all the Emails sent and received by the employees for professional and legal reasons. Moreover, it is a really tedious task for the IT department to manage such huge volumes of Emails regularly. Employees face lots of technical challenges for doing so.

Email archiving applications look to address those issues by porting an association’s email to a different file storehouse that can be listed and sought, which is vital for legal regulations. Nowadays, lots of Email archiving applications have additional features that reduce the size of information that must be put away, for instance, by keeping just a single reference to a file attachment that happens on numerous messages, regularly leaving just a “stub” pointer on the email application to backup all emails without consuming much space.

Having a small archive also helps the Email archiving softwares to search and index the archive faster and without using much processing power. This helps in easy access to different occurrences of certain phrases throughout all of the Emails in the archive.


What is the difference between Cloud Email Archiving and On-Site Email Archiving?


Most of the Email archiving services in the market have both on-site and Cloud Email archiving services. So, what’s the difference between the two? You may ask. This question is really important as different organisations have different needs and may require either on-site or cloud based Email archiving solutions.

The fundamental difference between cloud based archiving and on-site email archiving is as follows:-

An on-premise or offline email archiving service is usually used for offline email archival requirements. Here the emails are stored and archived on-site i.e. where the business is located rather than on a remote server. All of the emails are saved and indexed offline which makes them easily accessible without internet access.

Cloud-based email archival is a new solution which is provided by some of the biggest names in the tech industry nowadays. Companies like Microsoft and Google provide Cloud based Email archival where your emails are backed up  and indexed in a remote server in a safe cloud environment.

Although you may get the gist of the differences between cloud based and onsite email archiving services, there are a few more factors to look into before purchasing an email archival service. The following comparison will ensure that you get the most value for your money and your organisation can utilise the service to the fullest.

How to choose between Cloud based and On-site Email Archival services?

Before choosing an Email archiving service be it cloud based or on-site, you should think about two really important questions regarding your business enterprise:-


  • How does the IT department in your business look like?
  • What is your employees’ take on cloud computing?



The answer to these two questions are really important because you should look at cloud computing as an important investment which can shape your business in the future. Thus it is really important for you to introspect your beliefs and your thoughts on the future of cloud computing.

The answer for the first question is important because the size of your business is most probably proportional to the size of the IT department of your business. The size of the IT department is important for this decision as in-house archival requires more workforce than cloud based archival and it may not be feasible for small businesses where the size of the IT department is small and there is a shortage of employees to devote to archival and data security.

Whereas, if you opt for a cloud based email archiving solution, you won’t require much of a workforce as the email archival will take place on the cloud and the service provider will handle things like indexing and data security. This is why the size of your IT department is an important factor in this decision and should be kept in mind while opting for any service – onsite or offsite.

This brings us to our second question – what is your philosophy on cloud computing? Cloud computing is a relatively new technology and will continue to develop in the coming years. But if you or your company don’t trust your data in the hands of a third party, however secure they may be then you would prefer on site email archiving solutions.


Storage Needs

Moreover, you also need to think about your business’ current and future data volumes as storing large amounts of data for the long run may prove to be challenging for an onsite solution. Whereas if you opt for cloud email archival, then you will get unlimited storage space from most of the vendors so you won’t have to worry about large volumes of data to manage in the future.


Running Costs

Generally, the running cost of an email archival service largely depends upon the amount of space you require for your organisation. The pricing for Cloud Email Archiving and On site Email archiving is as follows.

Cloud Email Archiving vendors like Google and Microsoft often provide unlimited storage space in all of their plans so that’s not an issue. They do charge according to the number of users they will serve. The number of employees in your company will affect the cost of your Cloud Email Archiving service. This is suitable for small businesses as less number of employees translate to lower costs in this sector.

Most on premise Email archival services are priced by the amount of data to be stored on site. The number of employees are not an issue here but the volume of Emails will decide your running costs. Moreover, an on site solution will require a high initial investment on hardware and software for local email archival and the hardware will require constant maintenance. However, it will not require regular investment like cloud email archival solutions.


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