Jointly with China CITIC Bank: Xiaomi Credit Card

Xiaomi continues to facilitate the economy in China!

Recently, we talk you about Mi Credit, an instant personal loan platform for the young professionals from India. And, a few days ago, Xiaomi and CITIC Bank Credit Card Center announced the launch of their first physical credit card. In this sense, this Xiaomi Credit Card is a proposal to improve cooperation between these companies in China.

China CITIC Bank: Xiaomi Credit Card

The issuance of this joint credit card of the China Xiaomi brand with CITIC Bank has a total of three models so far. These come with a surface of a technological appearance in another level. Of course, it could not miss the Mi logo, as well as all of Xiaomi’s eco-friendly products. In addition, the Platinum card (Black Technology Edition) comes with a smart LED device that allows you to illuminate the card in an amazing way.

China CITIC Bank: Xiaomi Credit Card: LED PLATINUM

But surely you are wondering:

Which are the benefits of the Xiaomi CITIC Bank cards?

Golden Card:

Which are the benefits of the Xiaomi CITIC Bank cards? Golden Card

  • With the use of the Golden Card, you get 5 times more points, 9 yuan to watch a movie, plus a 50% discount on food purchases.
  • CITIC Bank’s new customers can enjoy 68 yuan (€ 10) to spend at Xiaomi stores.
    They are able to ask for credit in purchases made in the stores of Xiaomi, even if they are in the red (20 yuan maximum in red numbers to ask for credit).
  • Accumulate points in purchases made in the centers that are accredited with the CITIC Bank seal. These accumulated points can be intermediated by discounts at accredited centers, called Xiaomi Points Zone. The accumulated points if they are exchanged before June 30 give away a rice cooker from Xiaomi.

Platinum Card:

Which are the benefits of the Xiaomi CITIC Bank cards? Platinum Card

  • The Platinum card does not have annual fees. Every Wednesday and Saturday will have their holders up to 50% direct discount in more than 6,000 stores.
  • Also, they can pay up to 480 annual installments for first year purchases and other VIP benefits.
  • They can get three exclusive rights if they are one of the requesting users. But first, you need to complete the form information and make the request. With that, you can receive a gift from the Xiaomi store.

Another benefit is that with this credit card they will be able to use it to make quick payments in the virtual shop of Xiaomi, Mi Pay, and Xiaomi Wallet. This advantage will give up to 5 times more discount points for the amount of the transaction.

How to use Xiaomi Credit Card?

Both can be used in two ways:

  1. Through a Xiaomi smartphone by entering in the Wallet application. After login, they have to click on the application option for Xiaomi credit card and so they can make a purchase.
  2. Or through the Xiaomi online store: They go to their wallet and select the credit card as the payment method. It is simple and practical!

In this way, the inhabitants of China will be receiving all the benefits of this card. This association with one of the most important banks in China, suggests the clear intentions of Xiaomi.  The company is working hard to boost the technological economy in China and India. Unfortunately, the surest if that we do not see this credit card in other parts of the world. But who knows, Xiaomi always surprise us!


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