Chuwi Power Bank – Top up 10000 mAh with Certified QC 3.0 for $23

We have seen many power banks come and go but seriously guys, we never saw a Qualcomm Certified Power Bank. A Power Bank which supported the latest Quick Charge (QC) 3.0, so that we may top up our smartphone battery in no time. But for your enlightenment, such power bank exist, and it’s our today’s protagonist. Friends, we want you to meet the fresh Chuwi Power Bank from the Eastern land – The world’s first Qualcomm Certified power bank with QC 3.0.


Chuwi Power Bank – What it takes to be the world’s first Chinese QC 3.0 Power Bank?

Design & Appearance

The physical dimensions of Chuwi Power Bank are 103.5 x 60.91 x 22.8mm. With those parameters, Chuwi Power Bank is even smaller than a standard smartphone and with an ultra lightweight of only 195 grams. It can readily fit in our pocket or palm. It molds from premium plastic and those curved borders further, exaggerates its beauty.

Chuwi Power Bank

On the top, two ports are located, Mirco-USB port and the standard USB port along with those three LEDs battery notification. To be short, we can only state that this very power bank is simple, elegant and compatible.

Chuwi Power Bank

Protection & Safety

Like we previously said that the body of Chuwi Power Bank is plastic, enabling it to be anti-shock. To ensure top quality and the protection, a high performance, and efficient chip made from Texas instruments. Moreover, more additional safety measures the circuit is covered with 9 Layers of Protection to make it sturdy. Here’s are some protections mentioned in the picture below:

Chuwi Power Bank

Compatibility & Charging

Chuwi Power Bank has a stupendous capacity of 10,000 mAh in those three 3350mAh Panasonic / LG Li-ion battery cells. With that much capacity it can charge:

Chuwi Power Bank

You must be surprised that a QC 3.0 power bank can charge Apple products with the same speed. Thanks to Chuwi exclusive Aicharge technology and automatically switch to 5V output mode. Not only it is compatible with Android and Apple devices but every terminal present on the planet, selecting and switching to the mode which is optimal for the smartphone.


It not only supports 18 Watts output fast charging but also with the two-way charging support it can top up itself with the same power. Surprisingly, now we can charge both devices at the same time. With an advanced control chip mentioned in the previous heading, it converts up to 93%of the current while charging and discharging to increase the power output 10% more and improve the battery life up to 100 times. This power bank can easily charge Samsung Galaxy S7 in only 0.9 hours (standard charger takes 3.5 hours).

Chuwi Power Bank

Compared to its predecessor (QC 2.0). Quick Charge v3.0 is way better in every aspect; it’s charging efficiency is 38% better, charging speed 27%, and the power dissipation has reduced 45%. So, there’s no way that the old brother and compete the younger one in any way.


  • 9 layered protection
  • Compact design
  • Two-way charging
  • Supports both Apple and Android
  • Fast QC 3.0 charging
  • Massive capacity
  • Automatic Optimization

Specification Sheet

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Price & Availability

If you are interested in purchasing Chuwi Power Bank, you can buy it from the Chinese store Banggood for a price of $22.99. It is available in a wide range of colors to select: Black, White, Green, Pink, and Blue.


Here’s a link to the product:



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