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Chuwi Minibook 8 inch Mini-Laptop Now available for $429.99

Chuwi MiniBook is the latest IndieGogo project for Chinese OEMs, aimed at users who want something smaller and lighter than the typical 11-inch or 13-inch Ultrabook. UMPC with its Lenovo Yoga-style 360-degree hinge, 16:10 1200p touch screen, Known for its aluminum chassis and expandable storage, all of which come in a compact 8-inch form factor, the manufacturer plans to offer MiniBooks in two CPU configurations: Celeron N4100 and Core m3-8100Y, ports between two SKUs, RAM and Storage will be the same, and the MiniBook is designed to compete with Magic Ben Mag1, GPD P2 Max, and most recently OneMix 3 Pro.

CHUWI MiniBook

The aluminum chassis is stronger and more sturdy than Chuwi’s Herobook laptop. Although Herobook sacrifices rigidity, thin and smooth, the Chuwi MiniBook is relatively thick with a wider bezel for additional reinforcement, even for covers, bumps and The bend is also very small, and the six ports are evenly distributed along the left and right edges. Please note that the system integrates mini-HDMI and MicroSD card readers instead of the more ideal full-size HDMI and full-size SD card readers. To mention the trouble, first of all, the USB Type-A port on the right is upside down, and the USB Type-A port on the left is face up, and the second USB Type-C port is used for charging and data, which means that you will not be able to Charge the system and plug in the USB Type-C accessory at the same time.

CHUWI MiniBook

The 1×1 Intel 3165 is limited to a maximum of 433 Mbps, while the expensive 2×2 Intel 8260 is 1.73 Gbps. Despite this, the performance is still reliable and sufficient to meet the needs of the Chuwi MiniBook. Bluetooth 4.2 integrates WAN-free capabilities, and to our surprise, despite the low price And the size is small, but the backlit keyboard keys have clear feedback and relatively deep strokes. However, the keyboard layout is very unusual. All keys except the full-size QWERTY keys can be understood as small and strangely shaped to meet the limited surface area. It takes at least a few days to type before becoming second nature.

CHUWI MiniBook

The MiniBook uses an OFN mouse, just like the Falcon. Unfortunately, this experience is not close to the actual trackpad, or even Lenovo’s rubber TrackPoint. The slow and precise movement makes clicking and dragging more difficult. We find it easy on many occasions. It’s easier to tap the screen. We recommend carrying an external mouse for long trips. The Chuwi MiniBook uses the same AU Optronics AUO17D8 controller, which may be the same as the competitors’ 8-inch Topjoy Falcon. However, it is surprising that the contrast on the MiniBook is significantly higher and the display is more than Falcon. Bright, as bright as the iPad Air 2019, with deep black levels, clear gloss overlays, dense PPI and dark colors all contribute to an impressive price-related visual experience.

CHUWI MiniBook

Our specific test unit exhibited mild, moderately uneven backlight bleeding, which would be noticeable when starting or playing a video with a black border. The color space is wide, and its price range is about 90% of sRGB, which is greater than Most budget IPS panels, of which 60% sRGB are common, in other words colors can be as deep and accurate as flagship ultrabooks, costing more than double, and further display measurements using the X-Rite colorimeter show very Inaccurate grayscale and out-of-the-box colors, especially the color temperature is too cold for the blue hue. Fortunately the wide color gamut mentioned above means that the panel can reproduce accurate grayscale and color after calibration From the average DeltaE value of 7.2 to 2.7, the gray level is significantly improved. We recommend end-user calibration to take full advantage of the display. If this is not possible, users can still download and apply the ICM profile we calibrated above.

CHUWI MiniBook

Although it is an uncommon CPU, Celeron N4100 can be found on some cheap HTPCs or ultra-low-power netbooks, including Lenovo IdeaPad 330 and Chuwi’s own LapBook SE. The design of the 6 W CPU is slightly higher than the Atom series But it is still far below the most basic Core i3. In terms of multi-threaded performance, the CPU performance is 35% and 77% faster than Microsoft Surface Go and LapBook Plus, respectively. Although it is still very slow overall, even the smallest performance advantage is worth it Appreciated.

CHUWI MiniBook

Because system responsiveness may be an issue for these low-power PCs, running CineBench multi-threaded in a loop shows no limitations for long periods of time, and the PCMark results are not much different from the expectations of the Celeron system, although the number is still higher than the average in our database Celeron N4100 5 to 20%, which means that the Chuwi MiniBook is slightly faster than other systems equipped with the same CPU, and LapBook Plus powered by Atom x7-E3950 is significantly slower on all accounts.

CHUWI MiniBook

Where to buy Chuwi MiniBook?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Gearbest, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

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