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Chuwi Ubook Pro Vs Chuwi MiniBook Laptop Comparison: What’s the Difference Between Two Notebook Devices?

The Chinese brand Chuwi has a considerable contribution to the notebook market. Today, we have two of the latest laptop models launched by the brand in recent time. We will review the Chuwi Ubook Pro vs Chuwi MiniBook laptop comparison in this hands-on article. So, without wasting a further second, let’s move ahead with the target.

Chuwi is an active brand in the laptop industry. It manages to introduce the latest models regularly catering to modern users’ needs. The Chuwi Ubook Pro was launched recently, which witnessed a massive response from the audience. On the other side, the Chuwi MiniBook is also an ultra-tiny laptop with a compact size physically.

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Chuwi Ubook Pro Vs Chuwi MiniBook

The Ubook Pro is basically a 2-in-1 device to use it as a laptop and a tablet. Further, the 12.3-inch panel is flexible to move at 360-degree with a large workspace.

On the contrary, the Chuwi MiniBook provides a balanced features approach with an unorthodox keyboard layout and 1080P touchscreen.

Both of the laptop devices are full of energetic features to keep the driving seat on. Here, we will compare the features and specifications of the Chuwi Ubook Pro vs Chuwi MiniBook laptop to know the best alternative among the duo.

A Detailed Comparison Between the Chuwi Ubook Pro Vs Chuwi MiniBook Laptop

Here we go with the comparison review of the two latest laptop models by the famous Chinese brand, Chuwi.

Chuwi Ubook Pro Vs Chuwi MiniBook

Design and Build

First off, we will compare the physical appearance of the two. Well, the Chuwi Ubook Pro laptop comes with a slim and slight body with a metal frame structure. Users can easily carry it in a backpack for outings.

Like its predecessor, the Ubook Pro involves a magnet docking keyboard and U-shaped sturdy kickstand. Moreover, it ensures a larger space for battery and cooling system. The speakers are embedded on both sides of the machine to bring delicate sound experience than normal tablet speakers.

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kuljit sandhu

The Chuwi Ubook Pro embeds a 12.3-inch touchscreen on the front along with a stylus pen for inputs. Its thickness is only 9mm and weighs only at 780g.

On the opposite side, the Chuwi MiniBook also brings an ergonomic design in a lightweight body. It equips a relatively smaller display (8-inch) on the front panel. The aluminum alloy case provides a stronger feel and sacrifices rigidity to be thin and slim.

Furthermore, the Chuwi MiniBook laptop is as smaller as a wallet with 201x128x19.3 mm physical dimensions and 650g of weight. You can put it in your pocket conveniently to use on the go. It is a multi-touch screen as well as a YOGA laptop with 360-degree rotation.

Chuwi Ubook Pro Vs Chuwi MiniBook

Also, the MiniBook laptop carries multiple input/output tools with external mouse and U-Disk.

Software and Processor

How the two differ in terms of the software and processor units? Well, Chuwi manages to observe the same operating system and the chipset in both of its latest laptops.

In the software department, the Chuwi Ubook Pro and the Chuwi MiniBook runs the Windows 10 operating system. It is the latest edition by the Microsoft to click the traditional Start Menu of the Windows 7.

Chuwi Ubook Pro Vs Chuwi MiniBook

Similarly, both of the laptops follow powerful processors over their predecessors. The Chuwi Ubook Pro combines the latest Intel Core M3-8100Y 3.4 GHz processor alongside the UHD Graphics 615 900 MHz in the GPU.

On the other hand, the Chuwi MiniBook carries an 8th generation M3-8100Y processor. It is based on the latest manufacturing process and UHD Graphics 600 to ensure high-end performance at lower power consumption.

Chuwi Minibook Display

While elaborating on the front panel of the competitors, we again receive different size surfaces. The Chuwi Ubook Pro features a 12.3-inch Full HD IPS laminated touchscreen along with the 2048 pressure-level stylus pen support.

kuljit sandhu

Further, it delivers sharper and crispy text presentation with the 1920x1280p of resolution and maximum accuracy. The bezels are thick to design it in a traditional way.

The Chuwi MiniBook laptop presents only an 8-inch surface, which is an IPS panel with 1920x1200p resolution and 283 PPI. Aspect ratio is 16:10 with the 10-point capacitive approach.

Chuwi Minibook RAM and ROM

When it comes to comparing the storage slots, we again got the same storage configurations on the duo. Both the Chuwi MiniBook vs Chuwi Ubook Pro installs the 8GB memory in the RAM slot as well as the 128 GB in internal space.

Chuwi MiniBook

Additionally, the Chuwi Ubook Pro also comes in the 256GB storage option for users who need more space. While the Chuwi MiniBook laptop provides 64 GB variant in the base model.

Additional Features

Apart from the features described above, Chuwi has loaded the laptop devices with a slew of other lucrative techniques.

Chuwi Ubook Pro

The Chuwi Ubook Pro laptop acknowledges a rod of 2mm thickness to mark thin lines on the screen. Users will feel to draw like with a real pencil. Furthermore, it loads a 37Wh battery to allow the users to use it as a portable tool.

Chuwi Ubook Pro

In the I/O ports pack, it has USB ports, an HDMI port, a 3.5mm jack, a DC port, and a TF card reader.

On the opposite place, the Chuwi MiniBook also covers multiple ports, powerful battery, and some other useful features to use in routine.

Also, both of the laptops can be used in multiple modes like a laptop, a tablet and a workstation mode. The 360-degree rotational display empowers excellent flexibility to adjust as per the current circumstances.

Chuwi Minibook Conclusion

In the verdict, we have a lot to say after analyzing a comprehensive comparison between the Chuwi Ubook Pro vs Chuwi MiniBook laptop.

Both of them are affordable with awesome spec-sheet to check-out. What you all need in this price frame is readily available in both laptop-cum tablets.

Kuljit Sandhu

Users are at the benefits on both sides with a removable and flexible touchscreen to rotate accordingly. Moreover, performance stays impressive with modern time processors and OS.

Hence, it is all over to go with the same brand while opting any of the duos. The choice will virtually depend upon your personal design preferences and varying needs.


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