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Grab Chuwi Lapbook SE Notebook: 13.3 Inch, 4GB+64GB, For Just $269.99

Go shopping for a budget Windows laptop with a decent-sized screen and you could end up with something like HP’s or dell 14″ a plastic disappointment with a low-res display, a feeble chipset, and more flex than a trampoline. However, if you peruse the offerings of the smaller Chinese manufacturers like Teclast, Jumper, and Chuwi, then for about the same price as HP’s offering you could get a notebook that’s altogether better. Chuwi has updated the lineup of Lapbook SE Notebook, this time betting on the Intel Celeron N4100 processor based on the Goldmont Plus platform, with a 14nm process. A limited number of notebooks equipped with this processor will be released.

geekbuyingBuy Chuwi LapBook SE For Just $282.99

Buy Chuwi LapBook SE For Just at $269.99

Design & Appearance

The Chuwi LapBook SE version has a 13.3-inch display. The case is aluminum and the frames around the display are small, height 317 mm, width 215 mm, thickness 15.9 mm and weight 1510 grams. The keyboard promises to make the keyboard pleasant on tactile sensations and it will be equipped with illumination. The design of the CHUWI LapBook SE reminds us strongly of the current MacBook generations. This is mainly due to the almost completely new color scheme.

The first CHUWI LapBooks appeared in the silver-gray aluminum body. With the CHUWI LapBook Air, they have dared the transformation towards a dark gray case, the CHUWI LapBook SE now seems to turn out a bit darker. The manufacturer also uses a black keyboard and resembles the MacBooks even more. LapBook SE has a simple but at the same time elegant design. Despite its compactness, the laptop boasts a rich functionality and support for modern interfaces, including USB 3.0, HDMI and SD.

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The LapBook SE features 4 GB of LPDDR4 RAM, and ironically this is one of the first laptops available with LPDDR4 since Intel’s Core processors only support LPDDR3 at the moment. There’s also along with 64 GB of SSD. Chuwi was likely taking the more is a better approach, but I would have preferred to see it with just the SSD, and it’ll be interesting to see if you can configure it that way after purchase.


A frameless, full-size keyboard with a well-optimized key spacing makes typing fast and enjoyable. Adjustable key illumination creates comfort and convenience. The optimized graphics processor delivers amazing video and photo detail. In addition, streaming 4K UHD video is played back very smoothly thanks to 4K decoding technology.

Dual-band 5G / 2.4G Wi-Fi module supports 802.11 ac wireless data transfer protocol, as well as 433Mbps peak data transfer rate. You will have a stable Internet anywhere in the world! 4 speakers located in each corner of the notebook create an amazing stereoscopic sound. Rich, clean and deep bass. Two sensitive microphones are ready to launch Cortana at any moment. The pre-authorized Windows 10 Home OS is efficient, flexible and personalized.

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The LapBook SE comes with a 33.7 Wh high-density lithium polymer battery. The system adjusts with high efficiency the overall power consumption of the laptop based on what you use it for. Average battery life is 8 hours.

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Verdict & Buy

The Chuwi LapBook SE is too big a surprise and a logical step forward. New design, new processor and a backlit keyboard have once been good cornerstones for the new budget laptop. Chuwi LapBook SE is now avaialble on Geearbest for just at $273.99 on flash sale. if you want to buy you can just Click the Following Button:

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geekbuyingBuy Chuwi LapBook SE For Just $282.99

Buy Chuwi LapBook SE For Just at $269.99


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