Chuwi Ilife V5S, a robotic vacuum that can mop the floor


People who like to keep up with all the upcoming technology by going to international fairs such as the CES, have most likely seen the birth of many robots designed specifically to make the household tasks easier. Luckily some of these options have become commercial products and we can find them on the market, on the cleaning department we can find the Chuwi Ilife V5S.

The Chuwi Ilife V5S (also known as the Chuwi Ilife V5 Pro) it’s a cleaning robot from a Chinese company, while it’s not really popular on this side of the world, it has a wide range of devices that can leave the house sparkling clean without the user having to move a finger. Also, this model is an improved version of the original and it also includes some new additions.

Feautures of the Chuwi Ilife V5S / Chuwi Ilife V5 Pro

Proportions 30.00 x 30.00 x 7.00 cm
Weight 2.050 kg
Colors White and gold
Capacity 0.3L of water
Battery 2600 mAh
Noise 50 db
Power 850Pa
Function 3 sweeping modes in dry and wet
Maximum distance 150 to 180 m2

Design of the Chuwi Ilife V5S



First of all, its necessary to point out that the design of this device is no different from what we’re used to seeing in this kind of technology. Thus, the people in charge have decided to opt for a circular white housing (With some white details) and a couple of LED lights that indicate when the robot is on. It also has a button to turn it on and off with the use of its remote control.

When we talk about proportions, we talk about 30 x 30 x 7 cm, with this proportions the device is small enough to not be an obstacle when walking and big enough so that we can see it and not kick it without noticing. Also, it has a weight of 2.050 kg.

Different modes and mopping option

This kind of equipment has the need to have multiple cleaning options, that can adapt to the particular circumstances of the customer, such as the material of the floor. Because of this, the Chuwi Ilife V5S comes with 3 different cleaning modes.

These 3 options go by the names “Automatic”, “Spot clean” and “Edge clean”, the first one includes a method of wet cleaning by making use of its 0.3 L water tank, it doesn’t only absorb the dirt, it scrubs it to leave the surface perfectly clean.

Following what we said before about this version being way better than the original, the key is nothing but its advanced configuration options to adjust the cleaning to an even higher level and adapt to complex conditions depending on the needs of the customer.

Technical specifications of the robot Ilife V5 Pro


It is also important to point out the technical features of this model and thus preventing the users find a behavior in the robot that they didn’t expect. First things first, we have to indicate that this device provides support to multiple kinds of floors, be it cement, ceramic tile, carpet primer, wood and so on.

On the other hand, this version of the V5S can cover a way larger distance than its original version, being in a 150 and 180 m2 range. We have to keep in mind the size of our house or apartment before getting one these robots, since the final result can vary depending on this factor.

Also, we can’t forget about the 2600 mAh battery that is also superior to the Chuwi Ilife V5. You can pretty much keep this device turned on for a range of about 120 to 150 minutes, although, the first time you charge it, It’s very important you keep it charging for a longer period of time, which will be for about 300 minutes.

For those who worry about the ungodly noises these devices make, you can rest easy, literally, you can sleep peacefully in the middle of the night while the robot is up and doing its job, since its emission it’s only 50 decibels.



The Chuwi Ilife V5S counts with a suction power of 850 Pa, which provides it with more than enough power when vacuuming. It also has an automatic discovery system, to reach those hard to clean places without hitting anything. It can also climb slopes of about 15º and return to its charging stand once its job it’s complete.

Taking into consideration all the things this robot has to offer , it’s really hard to find an equally competitive price among the brands that offer similar devices. Also, we have to remember, that if we want an even more powerful model we can always upgrade to the V7 model, which can be controlled from our smartphone via an official app and Bluetooth.

Accessibility and price of the Chuwi ilife V5s

To purchase the Chuwi Ilife V5S / V5 Pro we can just go through a variety of popular online stores, in the case of Gearbest, it counts with a price of about 120 euros


  • Many programmable options.
  • It can scrub the floors.
  • Very competitive price.


  • No cell phone synchronization.
  • Design very similar to others of the same brand.


You can buy the past version here:

Buy CHUWI ILIFE V5 from for 135.99 US Dollars


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