CHUWI Hi9 Plus may be more suitable for you compared with new iPad Pro

Are you looking for a portable tablet? If your answer is YES, you are in the right place. From the time tablets unveils in the market, they tend to come with bulky designs, and hefty weighs. However, as the time is changing we have seen lots of new tablets, which breaks all the traditional norms. Such a tablet is CHUWI Hi9 Plus.

The CHUWI Hi9 Plus comes with never seen portability standards in the tablet market. Today, we bring you extremely lightweight tablet PC the CHUWI Hi9 Plus. First of all, for making the tablet utmost portable Chuwi has improved a lot in the material, screen, and battery. You can learn more features about the tablet from Chuwi officials over here.

CHUWI Hi9 Plus


For making CHUWI Hi9 Plus a lightweight tablet, the focus on design and quality of the material is at the highest level. The whole body features a premium quality aluminum alloy, which is not only lightweight but also durable and reliable enough. Moreover, the outer shell has gone through more than 60 complex processes before coming into your hands. When you hold the device, you will instantly get the feeling of great polishing, and the edge curve perfectly fits your hands, bringing excellent grip.


CHUWI Hi9 Plus

The CHUWI Hi9 Plus features a big 10.8-inch screen with OGS full-laminated technology. The latest technology reduces two pieces of glass of the original screen structure by one piece, bringing great visual experience for the user. Also, it reduces the overall weight, which is the specialty of the CHUWI Hi9 Plus by reducing the thickness of the screen by half. Finally, it also increases the transparency of device, bringing more transparent visual experience.

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The battery is one of the biggest concern while choosing a tablet. The tablets being a large device tends to use more battery power than a smartphone. Chuwi has also taken care of that. Unlike other tablet manufacturers using low-density batteries, CHUWI Hi9 Plus adopts high-density lithium-ion battery with a super capacity of 7000mAh, but only half the weight and thickness of low-density batteries.

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CHUWI Hi9 Plus


With the above three fey features mentioned, the CHUWI Hi9 Plus turns out to be one of the best affordable tablet available in the market. The tablet comes with a body thickness of only 8.1mm and a weight less than 500g, which is 131g lighter than the 631 g of the new iPad Pro.

Moreover, the best part of the device of the device remains the price range in which its available. the price of CHUWI Hi9 Plus($199) is only one-fifth of the price of the new iPad Pro. Those who want a thin tablet can take the CHUWI Hi9 Plus as a priority. It is now in the Aliexpress 11, 11 promotion with up to 33% discounts!



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