Chuwi Hi8 : Windows 10 Update

Chuwi’s Hi8 Table-PC with its dual OS feature has gotten even better with its update for the latest version of both the OSs. The already excellent tablet now features Windows 10 along with Android v5.0 Lollipop that are pushed by the company Over-The-Air(OTA). The tablet has proved itself to be a great replacement for the mainstream Laptops, with its quite impressive Intel Z3736F CPU over the older Z3735F. The improved CPU goes up to a maximum frequency of 2.16Ghz as compared to the older 1.83Ghz.

The tablet features a super crispy 8 inch ,1920×1200 display (283PPI) that allows the users to completely immerse into the tablet experience. The improved CPU coupled with Intel’s latest 7th Gen HD Graphics and 2GB of RAM easily flies through the multitasking and gaming parts. The users shouldn’t experience any lag whatsoever when using the device.

The only down side in this tablet is its battery. The tiny 4000mAh battery couldn’t take the heavy load from the display and the dual OSs. The company claims to have 3 hours of screen-on-time with this device, which is low for a tablet in this form factor. Thanks to the improved internals, users can expect 6 hours of usage before the device dies out. The tablet is available in white colour and is  priced around US $225.

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