CHUWI Hi8 Pro Tablet Review: Affordable, But Fancy

The tablet market is already overcrowded, but we are always searching the right device for you. When you are a Windows fan but you also enjoy in Android apps you are looking for something to support these two operating systems. Chuwi Hi8 Pro incorporates both of them, and it is a fully functional tablet for your everyday usage. This tablet could be the next device you’ll fall in love with, so let’s get into the review.

Chuwi Hi8 Pro on the table next to the packaging

Let’s check all of the specifications quickly:


Type Tablet PC
OS Windows 10 system
CPU Intel Cherry Trail Z8300 ( Intel Atom-X5 Z8300 )
GPU Intel HD Graphic Gen8 processor
Core Quad Core 1.44GHz
External memory TF card up to 64 GB (not included)
Screen type Capacitive (10-Point),IPS
Screen size 8 inch
Screen resolution 1920 x 1200 (WUXGA)
Camera type Dual cameras (one front one back)
Front camera 2.0MP
Back camera 2.0MP
Bluetooth 4.0
Battery capacity (mAh) 4000mAh
Battery/Run time 3 hours video playing time
Product size 21.12 x 12.32 x 0.93 cm / 8.31 x 4.85 x 0.37 inches
Product weight 0.350 kg


Chuwi Hi8 comes in the standard beige cardboard box with the company’s logo on it. Packaging includes the tablet, a charger, and a USB cable. It looks similar to all other tablet packaging’s present on the market. Package weights 0,700 kg and all the pieces inside are separately packed, ensuring all the protection needed for a safe delivery to your doorstep. The downside is that this tablet isn’t coming with the keyboard, but we have prepared a decent solution for the problem at the link below.

Here is excellent choice for a keyboard purchase

Chuwi Hi8 Pro showcasing the packaging


The tablet has a premium, fancy look. It comes in an elegant white color. Made of polycarbonate; this device will be easy to clean. The dimensions are 21.12 x 12.32 x 0.93 cm and the product weighs only 0,350 kg. This device feels natural and light in the hand so you can use it for hours and you won’t even notice.

Chuwi Hi8 Pro showcasing the front sideOn the front side you can see the front camera, and at the bottom, there is a Windows button. The capacitive buttons appear on the screen directly, and are turned off by default; that can be a downside for some users.

Chuwi Hi8Pro showcasing the back sideThe back side is matt white, and it’s easy to manage one hand operation because of the smooth material. On the bottom, you see a speaker that is loud and clear. You can enjoy your favorite tracks with the high sound quality.

Chuwi Hi8 showcasing the metal portions on the sideThe interesting thing about this device is two unique metal portions on the sides, which are giving it a bit fancy and modern look. These parts are made for the device to survive accidental drops. It’s a great touch, by the way.

Chuwi Hi8 Pro showcasing the portsOn the top, we see a 3.5mm audio jack next to micro USB 2.0 and HDMI port. It may be a little crowded if you try to plug in all of them, but you will have to manage. You can attach an HDMI cable to TV screen or monitor if you want to create your private cinema at home.

Chuwi Hi8 Pro showcasing the microphoneThe microphone is placed at the bottom of the device, perfect for your Skype calls. This tablet has all the features you need to keep your friends close no matter the distance.

Chuwi Hi8 Pro showcasing the side buttonsOn the right side, we can find the volume and the power buttons. MicroSD card slot that can support up to 64 GB of extra storage is also placed on the right side of the device. That’s good enough for keeping your movies, pictures and music discographies all in one place.


The all new Chuwi Hi8 Pro has an 8-inch capacitive IPS screen and provides a decent user experience considering video quality and Web surfing. The size of the screen will satisfy almost every user. IPS technology is frequently used now on the Asian markets because of its natural colors, and it practically substituted AMOLED in the recent times. The manufacturer also improved this model with higher resolution, 1920 x 1200pixels – FullHD.

Chuwi Hi8 showcasing the displayThe important thing to mention is the sharpness of the display, backed with 283 ppi. The viewing angles are good and the display performance under direct sunlight is quite solid.

Chuwi Hi8 Pro showcasing the display colors

Processor, RAM, & Storage

As always, one of the most important features of a multimedia device is the performance. After we had tested Chuwi Hi8 Pro, the results matched our expectations. The raw power of this model lies is the 64-bit Quad-Core Intel X5 series processor, set at 1.44GHz, with boosting option up to 1.84GHz. If you enjoy playing games, Chuwi Hi8 Pro is a decent, affordable solution. Intel HD Graphic Gen8 processor is in charge of the graphics-related tasks, and it provides fast and smooth performance.

Chuwi Hi8 Pro showcasing game playing

The processor used provides better performance and lower battery consumption, enabling more gameplay time for you. Combined with the 2 GB of RAM, you will have no trouble multitasking. But be sure that if you overload the system with bigger apps, lags are inevitable. Internal storage capacity is 32 GB with an option to expand with a TF card up to 64 GB.

Here is a good quality TF card to expand the tablet’s storage


The new Chuwi Hi8 Pro is powered by a 4000mAh battery, which is good enough for a whole day of moderate usage. Considering that the processor uses 20 % less battery power, you can enjoy a decent, near middle class performance, but don’t expect to last longer than a few hours of intensive use. If you like to watch your favorite movies all day long, recharging is a must.

Operating System (OS)

Chuwi Hi8 Pro runs on both Windows 10 and Android 5.1, providing you a choice to change the OS anytime you like. This feature is a big plus, and pre-installed Windows 10 comes with the new Edge browser.


If you prefer to watch movies on the big screen, HDMI HD output feature is the highlight of this model. Just connect your tablet and laptop with HDMI cable and you are ready to go. Regarding wireless connectivity, Bluetooth v4.0 is onboard, enabling you to connect to other devices with ease. If you have a Bluetooth keyboard, you can connect it to your Chuwi Hi8 Pro with no problem. Wi-Fi modem is also provided, and you can surf the Web at any place when you connect to wireless networks. One of the flaws is that this model doesn’t support a SIM card slot, but you can keep in touch with your friends via Skype.


If you are searching for a tablet with an excellent camera, the Chuwi Hi8 Pro is not the model for you. It packs a dual camera system, and they both have 2MPX lens. This is not a significant feature, but if you are using it just for Skype it will be just fine. You can’t get some perfect selfies from this tablet so that you know.

Here you can see some photo samples:

click for a bigger image

Pros and Cons

Like every device, the Chuwi Hi8 Pro also has its good and bad sides that can help you decide is it the right choice for you. We have collected them in one place in our list of pros and cons.

Chuwi Hi8 Pros

  • Affordable price
  • Modern design

Chuwi Hi8 Cons:

  • Keyboard not included
  • No SIM card slot
  • Small camera resolution

Our opinion

Since we tried to look all of the features of this model, we can now give you our opinion in general. This model has decent features, to begin with elegant design, decent display, and reliable processor. The downsides are small camera resolution and lack of keyboard. Considering its price middle-class display and all other plus sides, the flaws of this model are negligible. Chuwi Hi8 Pro is a fully functional model for beginners, and we found great DISCOUNT for you at the links below.

Buy Chuwi Hi8 Pro from

Buy Chuwi Hi8 Pro from

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