Chuwi Hi10: The Win10 Tablet Review


The newest tablet from Chuwi is here with us today. This brand is built on quality, good performance, and affordable prices, three elements of every successful sale. The manufacturer has done it again; the Hi10 is fulfilling all of them.

This tablet comes as a bold attempt to conquer the fresh market segment; the Windows 10 users. The new system from Microsoft is taking over the old versions, and the manufacturers still experiment with it – installing it as a secondary boot option next to Android. On the other hand, Chuwi is among the first manufacturers to boldly set the Win10 as the only system on their device – no dual boot.

Chuwi Hi10 comes to demonstrate that the quality tablet device doesn’t have to be expensive – both personal and professional users will enjoy the power and the quality that Hi10 brings, for an affordable price. We put the new model from Chuwi to the test today and give you our opinion on the device.

Let’s dive in.


The new tablet from Chuwi doesn’t draw attention when you look at the build. No particular detail can grab the eye, putting the word “Standard” as the most obvious one to use while describing this device. Sturdy plastic, matte finish, and a nice feel in the hand are standard these days. The device measures 257.5 x 171 x 8.9 mm and weights 474 grams, which puts it in the heavier class of the 10-inch tablets, but not being too heavy for sure. The device comes in standard black color, and there aren’t other colors available at the moment.

On the front panel, there is no buttons, only the famous Win10 logo. On the back we have a 2MegaPixel camera, and a several buttons on the side and bottom edges, alongside the micro-USB ports, 3,5mm audio jack, DC jack, and micro HDMI port.

simple design, and black color – a winning combination.
Simple design, and black color – a winning combination.

The 10.1-inch screen features 1920 X 1200 resolution, which is higher than the standard Full HD resolution that established itself as the industry standard. The pixel density of the display is 224 pixels per inch, which is not too dense, but considerable as a quality regarding the size. The tablets with higher pixel density usually cost several times as much, and the human eye can’t recognize the difference in 100ppi. The max brightness of this IPS screen is 400 Lumen, which means the device has little darker colors and not a good visibility on the sunlight, but the max lightning is improved because of this particular reason.


Good performance is ensured with quality components and high specs
Good performance is ensured with quality components and high specs
  • Display: 10.1-inch IPS with resolution 1920 x 1200 pixels
  • Processor: Intel Z8300 quad-core 1.44 GHz (up to 1.84GHz)
  • GPU: Intel Graphics up to 500MHz
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Internal memory: 64 GB, expandable to 128 GB other extras for external memory card – TF Card
  • Back camera: 2MP
  • Front Camera: 2 MP
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth
  • Connections: 1 x Micro USB 3.0, 2 x USB Host, 1 x 3.5 mm jack, 1 x DC jack, 1 x Micro HDMI 1.4
  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Battery: 8,000 mAh
  • HDMI output: You could use an HDMI cable to connect your tablet to output the tablet display onto TV screens, monitors or projectors, creating your personal home theater
  • OTG function: Can connect with keyboard, mouse, projector and so on

The era of Windows 10 starts

The fashion of dual boot tablets on the market is common these days, but we aren’t too happy about it. Chuwi is among the first manufacturers that produced a solo Windows 10-powered tablet. You might wonder, is this system good for tablets, why would anybody want this system on their tablet? The thing is, avoiding dual-boot is one of the smartest things to implement, because of the complexity and demanding duo was simply optimized badly – there were errors all the time. Sticking to one system provides a more stable experience, and Windows 10 operates even more flawless than Android. On the other hand, Win10 can offer a higher level of technical possibilities to users, providing enough reasons for the company to install this system.

Windows 10 has arrived, and it’s here to stay.
Windows 10 has arrived, and it’s here to stay.

The decision was good for a multitude of reasons. Alongside functionality (especially for the business users), the stability and quickness, possibility to multitask and most certainly the advancement of the Win10 that are coming are encouraging enough to buy this tablet. On the other hand, only the Microsoft Surface is a competition, and it’s priced significantly more.


After we spent some time with Chuwi Hi10, we get a hang of it, and as usual we have some details for you to consider.


Windows 10

Choosing to stick to this new operating system is definitely a good decision. This brings refreshment to the market, and the buyers get to experience new system. Even if you’re a hardcore Android fan, you won’t stay aloof in front of the Windows10 experience with Chuwi Hi10.

64 GB of internal memory

Tablets usually lack storage. This one doesn’t. Besides having a significant storage space (again, the price is the factor to be reckoned with, tablets with this amount of storage cost much, much more), this tablet provides a possibility to extend it even further with an external memory card, which can go up to 64GB. That means 128GB of space on a tablet. You simply can’t deny that this is amazing.

Intel Z8300 + 4 GB of RAM

The Quad-core processor from Intel that runs Chuwi Hi10 is among the highest rated for the mobile devices in the market today. Stability, fluidity, and efficiency, in both speed and energy consumption. Add 4GB of ram to the equation, and you have a hardware powerhouse. No app, service or a game would slow down this beast.

If you add a keyboard, you get a fine laptop.
If you add a keyboard, you get a fine laptop.


Camera resolution

Even though cameras on tablets are usually used for Skype or other video communication, and occasional snap of the sight in front of you, the camera can definitely be better. 2MegaPixel units were fine ten years ago; we expected, a 5MP unit at least.

No 3G connection

This is a strange drawback, that we didn’t expect from Chuwi. The portability of the tablets is their primary feature, and when you need to be outside or leave the home wireless network, you have to stay connected. With the absence of 3G connection, you can’t be online to get that document, or browse the Web while traveling, for example.

Chuwi Hi10/Vi10 comparison

There is another version of this model, named with the different letter. The Vi10 comes with the dual-boot option, slightly bigger screen, and lower specs. 2GB RAM, 32GB storage, and a 3G Connectivity – all for a cheaper price. Next, the dual-boot option provides you with Win8.1 Android combination, and no Windows 10.

Regarding the outer look, they don’t differ much.
Regarding the outer look, they don’t differ much.

We think this is a lighter version of the Hi10, suitable for people with a smaller budget. Lesser performance, a bit bigger screen, and 3G connectivity (which makes us wonder so much, why Chuwi, why?) and a dual-boot experience is a bargain if you’re considering it among other cheaper tablets. When comparing with Hi10, it’s easy to provide a conclusion.


You can get both of the tablets we mention today at various places online. Looking forward, the tablets will be on some Christmas discounts for sure, expect a very short discount time because of the already attractive price.
Since we think this tablet is a definite best buy, we provide you with some quality links:

Chuwi Hi10:

Buy Chuwi Hi10 from Buy Chuwi Hi10 from Buy Chuwi Hi10 from

Chuwi Vi10:

Buy Chuwi Vi10 from Buy Chuwi Vi10 from


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  1. No one has ever seen this china miracle alive. It is unclear whether it will be warm, or is there a constructive or software problems.

    Even in this article are muddy renderings and not live photos. So do not worry, guys. Waiting for the first brave souls who buy this device.

  2. i bought this device, and typing this from it right now. It is obvious the article above is a paid review, or at least, a phantom review. The device is nice but not as described.

    Despite having 4gb of physical ram, the OS installed is 32bit. I haven’t noticed any heating issues, but that could be because I have been using it as a laptop.

  3. I just purchased the Chuwi Hi10 Windows 10 Android Dual Tab and the compatible bluetooth keyboard. I found that connecting the keyboard with Windows 10 does not work but with the Android it does. How can I get the Bluetooth keyboard to work for both systems?

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