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Chuwi Hi10 Air Review: Windows 2-in-1 tablet with Intel CHT Z8350

When we talk about Tablet we think of iOS and Android. Very often we forget that there are also Windows tablets, and that 2 in 1 systems are very common. Chuwi Hi 10 Air is a 2 in 1 convertible made of metal and with a magnetic keyboard . Can you replace your laptop? Let’s find out together.

Chuwi Hi10 Air

Technical specifications

Here is a table with the specifications of the Chuwi Hi10 Air.

CPU Intel Cherry Trail x5 Z8350
GPU Intel HD Graphics 400
Display IPS 10.1 “1920×1200
Front room 2 MP
Rear chamber 2 MP
Connections Wi-Fi b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.0
Battery 6500 mAh
Doors and entrances USB Type C, Audio Jack, micro HDMI, Micro USB, microSD card
OS Windows 10
Weight and size 26.2 x 16.7 x 0.9 cm, 522gr


Packaging and Design

Chuwi Hi10 Air arrives in the usual yellow cardboard box. In the package, besides the Chuwi Hi10 Air there are a USB / USB type C cable and a 5V 3A power supply. Having bought the full version, I also received the magnetic keyboard and a stylus pen in the same shipment . The accessories have a really good quality, too bad the lack of a protective cover for the body, although very resistant.

The Chuwi Hi10 Air has an aluminum body. Solid and without parts that yield an excellent touch sensation. Quite generous dimensions (if related to the display) for this HI10 Air, 26.2 x 16.7 x 0.9 cm for a weight of 522g. Looking at it from the front (horizontal with the camera at the top) we find the 10.1 ? display, a laminated IPS. The display resolution is 1920 x 1200 pixels. Unfortunately I find the edges of this Chuwi Hi10 really very thick. In the right part of the border we also find the Windows soft touch button , to call up the Windows start menu.

Chuwi Hi10 Air

In the upper part there are the power button and the volume rocker .

Chuwi Hi10 Air

On the left side there are all the entrance doors. We find in fact a jack port, micro HDMI, Micro USB, USB Type C and microSD card. As you can see, the provision of doors is complete for any type of use. After the various ports there are also holes for the speaker on this side.

Chuwi Hi10 Air

On the right side there are only the holes for the speaker .

Chuwi Hi10 Air

At the bottom we have the magnetic door and two holes where the keyboard fits.

Chuwi Hi10 Air

The back of this Chuwi Hi10 Air is made of aluminum with a slight camber on the edges which makes it look thinner than it actually is. In the center we find the rear chamber and at the bottom the model and the various acronyms.

The general quality, as mentioned, surprised me. It is in fact very resistant and solid . In my days of use, placing it where it happened and without any kind of protection, it held up well. It does not show fingerprints on the body or scratches.

Chuwi Hi10 Air


Chuwi Hi10 Air

The Display mounted on the Chuwi Hi10 Air is a 10.1 laminated IPS , this means that there is no feeling of space between the glass and the display. Excellent resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels.

Good colors , although a little too saturated for my taste. Not very deep black , tending to gray. Excellent brightness of the display, which allows you to see it clearly even in direct sunlight. Unfortunately, the display keeps a lot of fingerprints and you will often have to clean it.

Chuwi Hi10 Air

As for the touch, the Chuwi Hi10 Air performs well, but not enough. In general I find that all Chuwi products have a slightly subdued touch. In this product it behaves well, as long as you press the display well and do not hurry to lift your finger before being sure it has taken the touch.


Chuwi Hi10 Air has 2 cameras . Both cameras are 2MP , which is not a lot but enough for a tablet, especially if Windows. The thing I always say is that the MP do not count but above all the quality of the photographic sensor counts. In this case, how does the tablet behave? Tremendously . The quality of the photographic shots goes back to at least 10 years ago. There is not much to say or evaluate, the photos are bad and even in the video recording they behave badly. The good thing is that on this category of devices you will find yourself very few times to use the camera. Some video calls could happen and in that case you can accept the shooting quality.


Chuwi Hi10 Air has two speakers , ports on the sides of the display. Let’s start by talking about the position, not the best. The speakers, placed at the bottom of their respective sides, are covered with your hands. If we use the tablet while listening to music we will find ourselves putting our hands exactly over the speakers, blocking their power. We will therefore be forced to turn the tablet upside down, having the room in the lower part.

The audio quality is sufficient. If we consider daily use there are no particular problems. Surely listening is not satisfying or engaging. During my film visions I have always noticed that the audio is always a bit low . Perhaps it would have benefited a greater power. Music and movies always sound very flat .


Chuwi Hi10 Air is equipped with a 6500 mAH battery . Although not very large, this battery, combined with a low energy processor, guarantee good performance. With a fairly intense use, made of viewing content such as Netflix and YouTube you can easily exceed 8 hours of daily use. On the other hand, in the case of a fairly moderate use, also made of a lot of stand-by, the duration is really excellent. In Stand-by, in fact, the device consumes very little, even going to do several days without losing that very little residual percentage.

The charger supplied in the package is 5V / 3A. This type of charger ensures a fairly fast charge. You can charge your tablet from 0 to 100% in less than two hours safely.


From the point of view of wireless connections Chuwi Hi10 Air is not doing very well. Equipped with a Wi-Fi b / g / n connection and a Bluetooth 4.0 connection Note that the most common current connections have not been put in place to contain costs. The connection speed is not the highest, therefore, and even moving away from the modem creates a marked drop in performance.

From the point of view of the entrances the situation is reversed, being equipped with all the doors necessary for a complete daily use. Jack, microHDMI, microUSB, USB type C and microSD inputs are available In this case it can be said that nothing is missing, if not a classic USB. The lack of a USB port is dictated by the size of the tablet and the possibilities provided by the connectable external keyboard, which provides 2 additional USB ports.


As for the operating system there is little to say. Chuwi Hi10 Air comes with a full version of Windows 10 . All the applications we need can be installed. Obviously you have to clash with a processor that does not allow great performance . If Windows, in fact, gives us the opportunity to install everything without any limit, the processor limits its use so much. This means yes to programs such as Word, Web Browsing and viewing multimedia content. It will not be possible, if not to great sacrifices, a use of video and photo editing.

The device is not created for advanced use but for something basic regarding entertainment and small daily functions.


At Chuwi Hi10 Air can be associated with two additional accessories. A keyboard and a touch stylus pen.

Chuwi Hi10 Air

The keyboard is attached with a magnetic attachment located in the center of the tablet in the lower part. Using this keyboard creates a disadvantage but many advantages. It doubles its thickness but allows you to have not only two additional USB ports . The touchpad and keyboard allow you to have as little contact as possible with a not particularly sensitive touch of the Chuwi. Obviously having the presence of a keyboard that covers the display decreases the possibility that any impact will damage it.

Chuwi Hi10 Air

Chuwi Hi10 Air is also compatible with a pen, the Hipen H2. Unlike other pens, this one is charged with a micro USB port, located at the top of the pen. It does not have the performance of a product like the Apple pencil, but for a simple use and some simple design it is more than good.

Where to buy Chuwi Hi10 Air?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Gearbest, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

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