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COUPON CHUWI AeroBook Laptop 2019 offered at $399.99

Compact model with narrow screen frames and Intel Core M3 processor.

Chuwi products have always been a great combination of good quality, balanced price, amazing features, and their latest novelty, the CHUWI AeroBook Laptop 2019 is also not an exception. The latest notebook features a slim and lightweight aesthetic in a metal case, with a Core M processor, SSD, and passive cooling. Even before getting launched into the market, the latest device collected the amount of 10 times more than required at the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. And now, its time to take a closer look at the laptop.  CHUWI AeroBook Notebook 2019

COUPON CODE:  GBNBCWAK01                                         VALIDITY: 07/01/2019


CHUWI AeroBook Notebook 2019

The CHUWI AeroBook Notebook 2019 displays an excellent minimalist style with its all-metal body. Even being a full metal device, the latest notebook measures to be just 15 mm in the folded state and wights merely 1.250 grams. With a 13-inch display, the case is the size of a standard 12-inch model.

The metal used in making this latest novelty is an aluminum alloy with magnesia. Before getting into its final form the metal goes through 46 machining processes, with final finishing on a CNC machine.

CHUWI AeroBook Notebook 2019

The first thing you will notice after opening the CHUWI AeroBook Notebook 2019, is its only 5 mm thick minimal frames on the sides of the display. Thanks to this, more than 80% of the panel is reserved for the display of the laptop.

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The CHUWI AeroBook Notebook 2019 features an IPS-matrix display, with a native resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and thin smartphones like frames on the sides and top. The minimal bezels allow the 13.3-inch screen to be inscribed in the case, the dimensions of which were previously correlated with 12-inch solutions.  Also being 2019 released, the latest laptop offers some apparent advantages including the anti-glare, matte and excellent viewing angles with the screen.

One of the best things about the device also includes its good color coverage, as well as the use of full lamination technology. It helps to remove the air trapped between the display and the glass covering it. Its result, you receive a notebook with very realistic images as if displayed on the surface of the screen. The brightness of the device is more than enough to comfortably work with ease.

CHUWI AeroBook Notebook 2019

Keyboard and trackpad

Convenience text input is one of the most critical parameters for an ultrabook. The CHUWI AeroBook Notebook 2019 offers a fantastic looking keyboard made of black plastic with a coating. However, it will eventually collect fingerprints, which can be easily erased. The keys have a very comfortable size and are quite large when compared with the average keyboards. A stroke of about 1.5 millimeters, with fast typing, they do not make any noise that others will appreciate.

CHUWI AeroBook Notebook 2019

The latest AeroBook also features two backlight levels for its keyboard and is controlled by the F6 button. However, it doesn’t sport a separate layer for its Function keys. For accessing the function key, for example, refreshing the page by pressing F5, you need to hold Fn additionally. Peculiar, but easy to get used to.

The trackpad provides reliable control, clearly recognizes gestures and clicks. It takes a habit to get to the keys that emulate the left and right mouse buttons the first time – they are rather small. The trackpad surface is rough – this is good, so the probability of erroneous input is reduced. In general, ergonomics can be estimated at five with a slight minus.

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Autonomy, performance

CHUWI AeroBook Notebook 2019

Being a professional laptop, the CHUWI AeroBook Notebook 2019 can easily cope up with any official tasks. The notebook delivers excellent performance, nothing freezes and does not slow down. Next-generation Intel Core M3 processor powers the device heart, but as for the graphics we can’t say the same thing as the laptop is clearly not meant for top games. Of course, you can launch and play some popular hit games five years ago. But to get a sane figure of fps you need to lower down the level of graphics or even the screen resolution. In benchmarks and under pressure, Chuwi heats up, the peak value recorded is 65 degrees, which is a good result.

CHUWI AeroBook Notebook 2019

The speed of any ultrabook depends on the drive its using. For making the CHUWI AeroBook Notebook 2019 a fast laptop, it features an 8GB LPDDR3 RAM for Advanced Multitasking with 256GB SSD Storage Capacity.  In addition, serial units are equipped with a USB Type-C connector. The official website claims to support the standard of fast charging Power Delivery 2.0.

CHUWI AeroBook Notebook 2019

Very pleased with the autonomy of new CHUWI AeroBook Notebook 2019. The device features a built-in battery of 38 watt. In a mixed scenario of working with text and browsing websites (the backlight of the keyboard is turned off), you can get a massive work time of 7 hours. and this is in the “optimal performance” mode. With the energy saving mode, you can stretch the work time for another hour and a half.

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CHUWI AeroBook Notebook 2019


The CHUWI AeroBook Notebook 2019 is an ultimate example of not underestimating the products of Chinese brands. Miniature, but at the same time, durable laptop gives a good autonomy, coupled with adequate performances. Just right for working in office applications and exploring the expanses of the network. The manufacturer is known in its own market and managed to establish itself among our compatriots.

It is clear that AeroBook is not a gaming device, however, users will appreciate a rugged case, thin frames, a decent keyboard. For your money, the option is at least concern.

How to buy CHUWI AeroBook Notebook 2019?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Gearbest, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

COUPON CODE:  GBNBCWAK01                                         VALIDITY: 07/01/2019


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