Choosing a Smartphone in 2019: Apple vs. Xiaomi

No matter how perfect your smartphone could be, its days will be over soon. But have you any idea which will be your next option?

Choosing the one among thousands of phone models is always a headache. Apple or Samsung? Meizu or Xiaomi? Huawei or LG? The grand battle between major brands unfolds inside your head until you select two finalists. And there comes a time to pick a winner.

Thus, you’re trying to decide between Apple & Xiaomi, seeking a piece of unambiguous advice that might tip the scale to one of the sides. But it’s hard to know who to trust. Some brand’s loyal customers create a blog and start writing articles that explain why their favorite brand is the best. Such opinions are often too subjective.

That’s why it’s better to explore some impersonal reviews published on prominent resources. Even though we run a blog dedicated to Xiaomi products, we did our best to draw up an unbiased comparison of Apple and Xiaomi as of 2019.

Xiaomi vs. Apple Lineup in 2019

Speaking of Apple, we have three recent options to choose: iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, and iPhone Xr. Xiaomi lineup is much more diverse and offers Xiaomi Mi 8 (+ Pro and Lite versions), Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, Xiaomi Pocophone F1, Xiaomi Mi A2, as well as some more models from more affordable Redmi and Note series.

But since Apple smartphones belong to the premium category, it makes sense to compare them with Xiaomi’s Mi premium series. iPhone Xs can be compared to Xiaomi Mi 8 and Mix 3, iPhone Xs Max to Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro, and iPhone Xr to Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite. Let’s fire away!

iPhone Xs vs. Xiaomi Mi 8 vs. Mi Mix 3

iPhone Xs vs Xiaomi Mi 8 vs Mi Mix 3

The max performance of all the three smartphones is comparable, although Xiaomi devices are equipped with a slightly more powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset and 6 GB of RAM instead of only 4 GB in Apple iPhone. Moreover, Xiaomis may boast of better battery, dual SIM support, and higher resolution of the front camera. Arguments for iPhone Xs are better screen resolution, optical image stabilization, and water resistance.

iPhone Xs Max vs. Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro

Pro or Max versions of both Apple and Xiaomi smartphones are not much different from their younger siblings. iPhone Xs Max features a larger screen than a regular Xs and is loaded with a more long-lasting battery.

Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro has the same screen resolution as Xiaomi Mi 8 but offers 8 GB of RAM instead of only 6 GB. Other distinctive features are in-display fingerprint sensor and slightly different design. The surprising thing about Pro version is its less capable battery of just 3000 mAh instead of 3400 mAh in Mi 8. This means that Xs Max finally wins the battery life battle.

iPhone Xr vs. Xiaomi Mi Lite

Choosing a Smartphone in 2019 Apple vs. Xiaomi

Apple iPhone Xr is a “budget” iPhone with less impressive specs than regular Apple models. Xiaomi Mi A2 lite, in turn, is a streamlined version of the new Mi A2. Xiaomi traditionally equips its device with a 1.5-fold better battery than Apple and a dual 12 MP + 5 MP camera as an extra bonus. iPhone Xr has only one rear camera and is powered with hexa-core CPU vs. octa-core in Mi A2 lite.

Xiaomi Mi 9 vs. the Next iPhone

Xiaomi Mi 9 is a new company’s flagship that went on sale recently. The smartphone is filled with 45% more powerful CPU, a triple camera with a 48MP image sensor and ultra wide-angle lens, and holographic glass design. Take a look at this beauty:

Xiaomi Mi 9 vs the Next iPhone

The new iPhone is also rumored to be equipped with a triple camera, faster charger, and more powerful chipset. But that’s a long time to wait: new iPhones are traditionally released in September. So if you want to have the latest phone on the market, go with Xiaomi Mi 9.


In 2019, Xiaomi has a lot of great deals to offer, most of which are comparable to Apple’s or even fairly better than the latest iPhone in some specs. But aside from better filling and a much wider choice of devices, one more competitive advantage of Xiaomi’s products is their affordable price. An average cost of Mi 8 is $331, while iPhone Xs prices start from intimidating $999.

Both Apple and Xiaomi devices are worth buying, but who wants to be overcharged and pay a threefold higher price for almost the same product? The upshot is clear.

Fabrizio Bulleri

Site Manger and Editor-in-Chief at Xiaomitoday.

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