Check Out GearBest ‘Three Of A Kind’ Flagship Tablet Brands Promotion Sale & Get Big Discounts

GearBest is giving big discounts on a flurry of its top branded products. As part of the ongoing promotion, GearBest is dishing out big discounts on a broad range of tablets, and tablet PCs.

The promotion is tagged ‘Three of a Kind,’ and it features three top-notch flagship tablet brands namely Teclast, CHUWI, and AlldoCube. The promo is further divided into multiple categories in a bid to simplify the search process.

Flagship Performance

This category features Chuwi Hi 9 Air 4G Tablet PC, AlldoCube X1 ( T801 ), and Teclast P80 Pro Tablet PC. More importantly, GearBest is offering considerable discounts on the aforesaid tablets.

For instance, the popular Chinese online store is giving 12% off on the Chuwi Hi 9 Air tablet PC, which normally carries a price sticker of $251.10. With the aforesaid discount in effect, the Hi 9 Air can be yours if you’re willing to shell out just $219.99.

This Flash Sale price will be valid for the remaining 166 black-tinted pieces of the Hi 9 Air tablet PC. It is also worth noting that the promo is slated to end in a few days.

Teclast Special Series

This section is packed with Teclast-branded tablets and notebooks that you can buy without emptying your pocket. Among a slew other high-end tablets, you can purchase the Teclast Master T8 tablet PC at a dropped price of $197.99. This is a noteworthy 22% discount offered by GearBest.

Likewise, you can go for the Teclast F7 notebook, which will be available for a discounted price of just $299.99 for 2 more days. On the downside, there were only 65 pieces left at the time of writing.

CHUWI Special Series

You can find several tablets manufactured by Shenzhen-based tech firm, CHUWI in this division. Aside from tablet, the category features Windows 10 OS-powered CHUWI LapBook 12.3 which carries a noteworthy 27% discount.

While the device usually sells for $395.16 on GearBest, you can buy it for only $289.99. This discount will be valid for 6 days, but there were 72 pieces remaining for the Flash Sale price.

AlldoCube Series

From top-notch tablets to a slew of well-received phablets, this category is rife with multiple AlldoCube-branded devices that you can buy for a lowered price. For the sake of an example, you can buy the KNote 2 in 1 tablet PC by shelling out only $399.99 on GearBest. While the device’s retail price is $409.75, you can get it for only $399.99 for a limited period of time on GearBest. The site is offering 2% off on the KNote 2 tablet PC, taking original asking of the remaining 15 pieces down to an affordable price point.

Just in case you are interested in taking up any of these offers or you want to ccheck things out, you can do that by using the button below. You really need to take advantage of the discount before it ends. The products won’t be listed ast these prices for long as they may return to their original prices after the  promotion ends.



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