Check Out GearBest 2018 World Cup Countdown Promo With Big Discounts

The FIFA World CUp is coming up in Russia from June 14 to July 15. The sports fiesta is perhaps the largest competition globally that attracts teams from 32 countries and also viewership from millions worldwide. Ahead of the sporting event, GearBest has launched a 2018 World cup countdown promotion where you get to see a whole lot of products at cheap and affordable prices. `

The 2018 world cup countdown will run from May 14 to May 28 after which the prices will return to their normal rates. That is enough time for you to check out the many products on offer for the countdown. The products range from smartphones such as the just-launched Xiaomi Redmi S2 that is on offer for just $165.99. There is also the flagship Mi Laser Projector slapped with an $1899 price tag.

There is a section where you get to buy three products for just $10 which is lower than the total prices of the three products. Buyers also get the option of choosing different goody bags with surprise products inside. In addition, there are several other topnotch products buyers can choose from such as the range of smartwatches,  as well as Quartz watch on offer. Checkout the deals on GearBest using the button below 



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