Change Google Assistant To Now On Tap (Even On Pixel)

So your Android device recently got the much awaited Google Assistant update, but unlike others, you do not quite like it. And you want to switch back to google now on tap? So folks, if you answer, is yes then don’t worry we have got you covered.
Any compatible smartphone running Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or Android 7.0 (Nougat) now can make use of the Google Assistant. As now Google is officially rolling out the update, this update will basically replace the google now on tap feature.

However, if you would prefer to revert back to Google Now on Tap, which many users want to, then it seems there is a very simple and easy way to do that. This method will also work if you own a pixel device, so now with that being said let’s head over to the process.

Steps Involved

  1. To change the google assistant to google now on tap head into the setting menu and find an option which says LANGUAGES & INPUT. Once here click on language and then ADD A LANGUAGE. The trick behind this method is that there are lots of regions where google assistant is not officially rolled out.
  2. Let’s say If you are an English-speaking user, then you can simply click on “English,” and you will be presented with a list of English-relevant regions. The key is to select one of the regions which the Google Assistant has not widely rolled out in yet. And I would highly recommend you to select India because google assistant is not rolling out here anytime soon.
  3. Once the new language is added, you will then need to remove the old language by hitting the three button options at the top left.
  4. Once that is done Go back to the setting menu and find apps section and open it. Now from here, you have to find google app and open it, now go to storage then manage space, and from here you have to clear all data.
  5. The same thing you have to do with the google play services.


Once that is done go back to home screen and clear all apps from the recent window and make sure no app is running in the background.

So Now when you tap the home button, the Google Assistant will have been replaced by Google Now on Tap. Of course, you can undo all of this by going through the same procedure above and reinstalling the original language once again.

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