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CES 2020: Top 10 Unique Products Launched at the CES 2020

Started on the 7th of January, the 4-day CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2020 event has now entered 3rd day and about to conclude in a day. During a previous couple of days, we saw lots of innovative product announcements, which have the potential to revolutionize the smart world of technology. Given the plethora of smart technology products launched at the event, we have enlisted the top 10 unique products of CES 2020. Being technology savvy, you would be eager to know the interesting and innovative products of the CES event.

Not only the well-established brands, but we also witness interesting product launches from the startups and emerging tech firms. As technology is not a property of a single specific entity. Every business venture is free to avail its benefits to serve their users’ needs. So, spare some time to go further with the list to know the excitement and memorable moments of the ongoing tech fair.

Not only this, if you know any other innovative product that we miss to conclude, please make sure to share the same to make this text guide more helpful. So, let’s dive into the detailed study of the top 10 innovative products of CES 2020.

Top 10 Unique Products of CES 2020 | Interesting Products of CES Event

CES 2020 5G Laptop Notebooks

Now is the time to dwell on the 5G laptops instead of the 5G smartphones. After being familiar with the 4G smartphones in recent years, we are now shifting towards the more consolidated network bandwidth, the 5G in the coming future.

The tendency is follow in the laptop notebook segment as well. Now, we will talk about laptops with 5G connectivity. At the ongoing CES event, Dell, HP and Lenovo manifested their first 5G-connectivity laptops. Dell has already revealed its first 5G laptop a few days prior to the CES event, but it declared its 2-in-1 edition at the event.

CES 2020

On the other hand, the laptop giant HP also unveiled the Elite Dragonfly G2 along with the Lenovo’s 2-in-1 Yoga 5G laptop. All the 5G connectivity laptops configure and Windows 10 OS and run the Qualcomm modem internally.

OnePlus Concept One Smartphone

What makes the high-tech Chinese mobile phone maker OnePlus an iconic entity at the fair is its Concept One smartphone. Indeed, the mobile phone is quite unique and innovative in itself because of the advanced technical features and build.

Concept One

Its ultra-unique invisible camera technology makes it the highlight of the CES fair. It wears a Papaya Orange-coloured leather of McLaren in the stitched design. Further, its triple cameras are hidden under the electrochromic glass, which makes it invisible during the off-time. Whenever you launch the camera app, the opaque electrochromic glass will turn into transparent to show you the cameras. Similarly, it will regain the previous (opaque) condition while you close the camera app.

As per the company statement, the electrochromic glass takes only 0.7 seconds to transform its visuality (opaque-to-transparent and vice versa). Additionally, the glass is also capable of becoming semi-transparent to assist photoshoot in an extreme sunlight environment.

It is being speculated that OnePlus will not produce the handset in masses and ultimately will never be available for the general audience to purchase. But we can hands-on this technology in the OnePlus 8 smartphone series.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite and Galaxy S10 Lite

When it comes to the Samsung pavilion, it revealed the Galaxy Note 10 Lite as well as Galaxy S10 Lite smartphones at the CES 2020 event. No doubt, these two latest editions are the first Lite variants in the Samsung’s flagship corridor.

Ces 2020

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite smartphone, with a listed price of €599, is the first ‘budget-friendly’ Note handset, incorporating all the unique and innovative specs of the S Pen. Moreover, the Lite editions also configure various other high-end features like Snapdragon 855 and Exynos 9810 SoCs, along with the enhanced photography technologies.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold Tablet-cum Laptop

Last year, we came across various foldable display smartphones Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha, Samsung Galaxy Fold and some others. Now is the turn for laptop wing to conclude foldable display laptop notebook or tablets. Lenovo badged the first spot when it launched the world’s first-ever foldable laptop, named the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold, at the ongoing CES 2020 event.

Ces 2020

On the front side, the unique foldable laptop consumes a dual-foil plastic 13.3” OLED display, bearing the 2K resolution and 4:3 aspect ratio. Internally, the flexible Lenovo laptop boasts an impressive 55Wh battery to keep the notebook alive for 11 hours on a single charge. It is expected (CPU is yet to reveal) to mount the next-gen Intel Core chipset, further paired with the 8GB LPDDR4X RAM and 1 TB SSD internal storage.

In others, the foldable laptop also features a SIM card slot alongside the two USB ports and may come with the 5G modem as well. The device will be as light as 999g.

Samsung NEON Technology

Well, Samsung has another deal for its fan-base to execute in the near future. The unique and innovative concept, known as Samsung NEON technology, is an intangible algorithm rather than hardware, and able to create chatbots of the body and face. Ultimately, it generates avatars, which are able to interact with real people to accomplish specific tasks.

Ces 2020

The bewildering prospect is the software behind the scene. It has the ability to form new expressions, dialogues and moments in real-time automatically. Overall, the NEON technology presents the virtual avatars in extremely realistic approach to leave you with open mouth.

Samsung Ballie

Here we received another unique product at CES 2020 by Samsung. It is the small rotating robot, named as Samsung Ballie, capable of identifying people because of the inbuilt AI technology. Additionally, it can also control other smart home appliances.

Ces 2020

What put the product on the unique products list is its ability to act like a human. It can follow us wherever we go and can inform us regarding a particular issue with a solution. Even it can call us in certain circumstances as well. In the official video, you can see how this smart robot is helping users and solving their problems in a smarter way.

SONY Vision-S Concept Car

Going adversely to the expectations, SONY revealed its first electric car, the Vision-S, at the CES 2020 event. Most of the visitors were expecting the company to uncover the PS5. But it presented only the new logo of PS5.

Kuljit Sandhu

The latest concept car by SONY is assembled by the company’s AI and robotics team. Further, 33 sensors on the car are able to detect people and other vehicles near the car to provide a safer and comfortable driving experience.

Ninebot Segway S-Pod

Ninebot is a prestigious name in the electric scooter industry. And at the CES fair, it has come up with the innovatively-developed an electric running chair. The company has named it as the Segway S-Pod, which ca attain the maximum speed of 38 km/h.

CES 2020

Further, the sedan chair also involves a joystick to control the system along with the remote-control via a tablet. It will be a real revolution in the electric vehicle domain.

Samsung Wall Micro LED TV

Samsung is one of the launchers with the highest number of innovative products to reveal at the CES 2020. This is why we are going to involve another Samsung product in our top 10 unique products of CES 2020 list.

Ces 2020

This time, it is the smart LED TV, dubbed the Wall Micro LED TV with a whopping 292” (over 7.4 meters) LED screen. However, Samsung also brings the 150” edition with the 8K resolution support. The micro-LED TV promises to deliver perfect black levels along with the high brightness.

Dell Concept PCs

Here we have reached our 10th unique product that are concept PCs announced by Dell. Alongside the 5G laptops, Dell also has manifested three concept PCs at the CES 2020. The first one is the Concept UFO, coming with the form factor of the Nintendo Switch.

Kuljit Sandhu

The modular PC equips two removable controllers and can be used as a laptop and a desktop computer. Further, the 2nd concept PC is called the Concept Duet, featuring double screens of 13.4” apiece. The third one is the Concept ORI. It is a 13” (unfolded) foldable display like the Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Fold.

CES 2020 Conclusion

So, this is the list of top 10 unique products of CES 2020, which are revealed by the top-ranked tech makers of the globe. The list is expected to add more names with the tech fest proceeds further.

Undoubtedly, these innovative products are fully capable of revolutionizing the tech industry and set new parameters for the coming future. Please feel comfortable to inform us if we have missed any product that is worth to include in the list.

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