Ceramic Housings Will Appear on More Devices

A single device can affect the trend. If you don’t believe in stories about super-heroes, it’s your business. But I can mention at least two smartphones that have managed to change the sequence of events. The first one is the Xiaomi Mi 5, a legend smartphone, which has taken Xiaomi to some lofty position. The second phone is your favorite Mi MIX. Seems there is nothing common in these handsets, but the fact is that both of them come with ceramic housings. You may think that’s a coincidence, but we think differently. Anyway, that’s another topic of conversation. We have other good news for those who like smartphones made by this material.

Mi mix

As you know, the Xiaomi Mi 5S and Mi 5S Plus didn’t come with a ceramic body due to production capacity problems. We have even heard the new-gen iPhone 8 is planned to sport such a housing as well. But the recent leaks confirmed Apple wouldn’t adopt this technology due to the same capacity problems. So it turns out ceramic housing devices are in high demand, but manufacturers are not able to meet that demand.

ceramic housing company

Fortunately, today it’s become known Changying Precision Technology Company, the leader in this sphere will make an investment at a sum of $8.7 billion to boost production of ceramic back panels. This simply means all those companies that have planned to design smartphones with ceramic panels and refused from this idea can courageously implement their plans. This also means we won’t be disappointed of Xiaomi’s Mi series handsets like the case related with the Mi 5S.

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No one can say whether ceramic housings can become as popular as metal, plastic, and glass, but Xiaomi is going to launch at least two handsets with it for sure. If you haven’t forgotten the upcoming Mi MIX 2 and Mi 6 are rumored to sport a ceramic housing.



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