Celebrate Earth Day With Big GearBest Savings

April 22 is often referred to as ‘Earth Day’ and is a day when a number of people (and companies) spend a bit more time thinking about environmental protection. One of the companies who is looking to celebrate Earth Day with its customers is GearBest as the retailer has now started a new Earth Day sale with a number of “planet-sized deals” and the opportunity to win a free phablet or tablet.

The bulk of GearBest’s ‘Celebrate Earth Day’ sale focuses on the discounts that are on offer and which span the length and breadth of GearBest’s inventory, including discounts on mobile devices (like the OnePlus 3T and the Honor 8), and wearables (including the Xiaomi AMAZFIT smartwatch), and even drones. In fact, there is quite a lot IoT-related products on offer as well, so for instance, you could save big on a Xiaomi Smart IP Camera, or even an ILIFE V5 Pro vacuum cleaner. There are literally plenty of choices to choose from with smartphones, tablets, action cameras, home appliances, LED lighting, wearables, and more, on offer. And with deals spanning the price spectrum, including high ticket items, as well as products that are priced at less that $25. So there really is something for everyone and products suited to match anyone’s budget.


In terms of the contest, GearBest is essentially offering everyone who places an order the opportunity to win a prize. There are a number of freebies on offer although the big prizes include a smartphone and a tablet. The way the contest works is that once your cart reaches a certain amount, you will be eligible to enter. All the buyer then has to do is share their purchase details with friends and they will receive a coupon which can be then used to claim a free prize through the retailer. In fact, GearBest notes that every purchase made will guarantee a free prize. Although the amount spent might equate to the level of freebie received. So the more you spend, the more chance you have of getting a higher level freebie – with the smartphone and tablet being the two top tier prizes. In contrast, the more minor prizes range down to a free HDMI cable. Those interested in finding out more about how to get a free gift from GearBest, as well as general information and details on GearBest’s Celebrate Earth Day sale, head through the link below.

Celebrate Earth Day With Big GearBest SavingsXiaomiToday EXCLUSIVE DEAL!

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