BV8000 Pro Review – Fastest Waterproof Phone with 6GB RAM!

If you need the fastest waterproof phone you must check my BV8000 Pro Review. Blackview BV8000 Pro specs – 5.0-inch Display with Gorilla Glass 4, Helio P25 with 6GB RAM and 64GB Storage, IP68 Rating and runs Android 7.

All these specs paint a picture of BV8000 pro as the best rugged phone, but is it that good? Let’s find out. First of all, let’s start with Blackview BV8000 Pro Unboxing and Water test.

BV8000 Pro Specs, Unboxing and Water Test

Blackview’s new rugged phone comes packing everything you can think of. I rarely see a more complete packaging, even Samsung and Huawei don’t provide that many goodies with their 500$ phones.

bv8000 pro unboxing

You not only get a fast charger and USB-C cable, but also a USB-C adapter and OTG cable. Since BV8000 Pro is waterproof it requires longer cable extensions to work, so regular 3.5mm headphone jack and USB-C won’t go all the way in and that’s where the USB-C adapter comes in. The hands-free earphones provided are not bad considering they’re free.bv8000 pro unboxing

Yet more goodies await inside, including a small screwdriver and additional bolts. If you are wondering what they are for, let me show you.

bv8000 pro sim card

You need to unscrew the backplate to insert your Two Nano Sim Cards and SD card. That’s right, BV8000 Pro can do Dual-Sim and SD card at the same time! Just make sure you screw those bolts good afterwards to prevent water from coming in. On the back also resides the speaker and below is the non-removable 4180mAh battery.

bv8000 pro

the phone itself looks great and handles surprisingly well, considering it’s not a very thin device.
I loved the backlit capacitive keys and the design in general. Despite looking bricky, this phone is not as heavy as you think, especially compared to Oukitel K10000 Pro. The rubber coated back provides a sturdy and anti-slip grip and the wetter it gets the more unlikely you are to drop your BV8000 Pro. Speaking of wet, let’s put the BV8000 Pro for a swim 🙂

bv8000 pro water

Not only is the phone waterproof, but the speaker actually works underwater.
You can check more details in my BV8000 Pro Unboxing and Water Test Video Below:

BV8000 Pro Review – Software and User Experience

The Blackview BV8000 Pro rugged phone runs on almost stock Android 7 Nougat with a few added features to accommodate all the sensors and outdoor functions.

bv8000 pro android

bv8000 pro sensors

You get access to a complete engineers and outdoor specialist set of tools including Compass, Leveler, Heart Rate measuring and Pressure. No need to carry most of your tools for measuring when you have the BV8000 Pro.

bv8000 pro review bv8000 pro review bv8000 pro review

The phone even has FM radio support. There is also an NFC chip inside, but it’s currently not functioning, due to need to polish the software. Blackview will release and OTA update this month to fix the NFC issue, but it’s hard ot imagine a great outdoors man relying on the NFC too much. Most importantly, all the sensors and outdoor functions work great including great GPS speed and positioning.

BV8000 Pro Review – Performance, Gaming and Battery

Whille BV8000 Pro is not marketed as a gaming phone it handles intensive 3D titles quite well thanks to the fast Helio P25 and 6GB RAM. You can actually run 2-3 heavy games like Modern Combat 5, Need For Speed and Marvel Champions without having any of the reload.

bv8000 pro antutu score bv8000 pro pcmark bv8000 pro battery life

Scoring as good as any Snapdragon 625 the BV8000 Pro breezes through multitasking and heavy apps with ease. When it comes to battery life the 4180mAh unit will definitely last you 2 days of heavy usage in Sports Mode(perforamnce oriented). If you want to achieve great battery life you need to set it to Balanced Mode to get up to 4 days of usage. Using it mainly as a phone without 3/4G/Volte and mobile data will last you up to 14 days, something really relevant for those planning to go on a mountain hike.

Full BV8000 Pro Performance and Gaming in the video review below:

BV8000 Pro Camera Review

While this is not a camera centric phone BV8000 Pro delivers a good selfie camera experience.
Using an 8MP Front sensor photos are very usable for social medias, even in low light.

bv8000 pro camera review bv8000 pro camera review

Unfortunatelly, the main camera is for the lack of a better word finicky. Meaning very pretentious and picky. While I was able to shoot some very good looking photos like these:

bv 8000 pro camera bv 8000 pro camera bv 8000 pro camera

Most of the times the images lacked sharpness and detail, not to mention accurate colours when there was too much sun. The low-light performance was also much more of a miss than a hit.

bv 8000 pro camera

Video quality with both camers is barely average and really unusable at night. I really think the 16MP Samsung sensor is more capable, but is being hampered by poor drivers/optimiztion. Hopefully, after an update or two it will peform much better, but for now I simply can’t recommend it as a good camera phone.

Watch the video review to see more photos and actual BV8000 Pro Videos.

Blackview BV8000 Pros and Cons

We’ve reached the conlcusion and it’s time for BV8000 Pros and Cons.

BV8000 Pros:
+ Waterproof
+ Fast Performance and Capable Gaming
+ Good Battery Life
+ Tough and very Durable
+ Very Loud Speaker
+ Anti-slippery Grip
+ Capable Front Camera

BV8000 Pro Cons:
– Finicky Main Camera
– Average Video Quality at best
– You need a Longer Headphone Jack if you want to use other earphones
– Takes a Longer USB-C plug to charge

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