Buy Xiaomi Yeelight Star Desk Lamp Pro (YLCT03YL) with Wireless Charging For Just $72.99 (Coupon DeaL)

The Yeelight family of Xiaomi does not stop growing. We recently told you about a new model that would be the terror of mosquitoes. And now, the firm has surprised us with a very interesting new smart lamp. We refer to the Xiaomi Yeelight Star Desk Lamp Pro (YLCT03YL), a table model that stands out for incorporating a Qi wireless charger in its base. Actually, the firm has not only presented the Xiaomi Yeelight Star Desk Lamp Pro smart lamp but has also shown the Yeelight Star Floor Lamp, a standing model that does not have wireless charging, although you can continue enjoying the benefits of this type of devices. The Xiaomi Yeelight Star Desk Lamp Pro (YLCT03YL), available in standard and ‘Pro’ versions, Once the standard model YLCT02YL with up to 6 watts and then the Pro variant YLCT03YL with up to 18 watts of power.

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In terms of design, we find two very similar smart lamp models. In this way, they have a body made of aluminum, in addition to having a screen that has an outer and inner veil to prevent the intensity of the light emitted by the new Xiaomi Yeelight Star Desk Lamp Pro (YLCT03YL) to damage our eyes. On the other hand, both the Xiaomi Yeelight Star Desk Lamp Pro and the Yeelight Star Floor Lamp, have WiFi connectivity 802.11 to 2.5 GHz, in addition, to support for Apple HomeKit and Mi Home. Therefore, you can use it through the demonized system of the American manufacturer, or using the well-known application of the Asian firm.

Through it, we can control the intensity of the light, create hours of use and activation, turn off the smart lamp to our liking … Come on, the usual thing in a device of this type. Also, note that in the handle there is a control that will allow you to manually calibrate the intensity level of these new smart LED lamps with low consumption. Regarding the coffee table model, it stands out for integrating a Qi wireless charging base , allowing to charge any compatible device with a power of 14 W. On the other hand, to say that it offers a lighting range of between 2,700 and 6,500 K, ideal to use it for Illuminate a room, or for moments of relaxation and reading in bed.


  • Practical and beautiful design
    The lampshade can be adjusted to 30 degrees and back-lighting can form a uniform light-emitting effect.
  • Color Temperature Adjustment
    Color temperature support 2700k-6500k, warm yellow, and cool white light, for you and your family to provide a specific lighting effect.
  • Supports Voice Control and APP Control
    You can control the night light by voice. Or access to Apple Homekit and Mijia app, you can freely control the table lamp.

Regarding the standing model, it is designed for larger rooms, such as our dining room. In this way, the screen offers an angle of 120 degrees of illumination, offering the same light output 2,700 to 6,500 K. An ideal device to surprise your guests, more if you take into account its adjusted price: it does not exceed 90 euros at change.

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