Buy Xiaomi WEMAX S1 Subwoofer Speaker for WEMAX & Mijia Laser Projectors at $209.99 (Flash Deal)

Xiaomi wants to offer its users products of all categories; That is why he usually establishes alliances with other companies. The Xiaomi WEMAX S1 Subwoofer Speaker is a speaker that offers a high-quality sound. It is the complement of the Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector TV. A team that gives us a good tool to take the experience of watching movies to another level. Currently, the Xiaomi WEMAX S1 Subwoofer Speaker is available at Gearbest with a 21% OFF discount, which costs only $2099.99

Buy Xiaomi WEMAX S1 Subwoofer Speaker From Gearbest

The Xiaomi subwoofer comes in an attractive rectangular black box. It has dimensions of 23.80 x 23.80 x 36 cm and a weight of 5.50 kg. The design of the Xiaomi WEMAX S1 Subwoofer Speaker consists of a high-precision CNC surface, as well as an acoustic structure of a horn and a tube facing downwards. Also, the interior is made of Finnish conifer and its base material is broadleaf pulp. Also, it is reinforced with a thin kapok linen fiber. These materials give rigidity, at the same time internal damping, which restricts the vibration of the diaphragm and reduces the distortion of sound.

The Xiaomi Wemax S1 Subwoofer Speaker offers a high fidelity sound with a special volume adjustment of 25 levels. The low-frequency radiation flows uniformly forming a stable sound field. In this way, you can adapt the right sound to the room when you connect it to the TV projector and use the device.

We can power the Xiaomi Wemax S1 Subwoofer Speaker by means of a 3.5mm input cable that we will connect to the power adapter. A voltage of 100-240 V is required. In addition, we can turn it on or off manually thanks to the switch.

You can buy the Xiaomi Wemax S1 Subwoofer Speaker through the link that we offer below. It will take you to the official Gearbest website, where the product has a cost of $209.99. This thanks to a discount of 21%. We invite you to visit it to know more about promotions, payment methods and availability of shipping to your country.

Buy Xiaomi WEMAX S1 Subwoofer Speaker From Gearbest

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