Buy Xiaomi Smart4u SH50 Bicycle Smart Flash Helmet For Just $42.99 (Coupon Deal)

So far, users have nothing to do with the luminous equipment on the vehicle. But the LED lighting on the helmet seems strange to users. In fact, that strange thing actually happened with the Xiaomi Smart4u SH50 Bicycle Smart Flash Helmet below. Make sure to give you a completely different look on an accessory that looks like nothing new. Xiaomi Smart4u SH50 helmet is a protective accessory for you every time you go out by the brand Smart4u responsible for manufacturing. Hats with a firm texture, eye-catching colors and LED design on the top will give you a completely different experience than the traditional hats.

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Smart4u helmet is designed quite simply with the same basic details as the usual helmet. In particular, the details from the nose to the position of the heat sinks are arranged appropriately according to the average head size of Asians. So you can wear the hat comfortably when riding a bike, electric scooter or scooter without having to worry whether the hat is right for you. A special feature in the structure of this helmet lies in the design of 7 horizontal LEDs at the back of the helmet. In addition to the mechanism to turn on the power button to activate, the lamp also works thanks to the optical sensor mechanism.

By recognizing the ambient light intensity, the light will automatically glow and adjust the intensity according to the environment. Meanwhile, the lampshade is processed by a modern mirror polishing technique so it can reflect very well, helping pedestrians to recognize the light from a distance of 180m. The lighting system on the cone can change the lighting mode according to different lighting patterns. From flashing patterns to lighting patterns into strips. The 455mAh capacity battery will allow the lamp to operate in the glowing mode for 36 hours and for a standby time of up to 180 hours. The magnetic charging interface on the cone will also help you to quickly charge the accessory in about 3 hours and the charging cable has been equipped with the hat in the kit.

To make users feel more comfortable and comfortable, the helmet with LED Smart4u SH50 LED has been applied by the aerodynamic design department to the arrangement of heat sinkholes on the cones. Thanks to this method, cones are designed with up to 12 ventilation holes capable of absorbing and dissipating heat efficiently. From that limit to the maximum feeling hot when wearing a hat. The helmet is designed with a durable PC plastic shell and an inner shell made of high-density ESP foam. This type of porous nature has a thick, hard cling to the outer shell, so it is able to eliminate almost all the strong impulses acting on the cone. Protect the user completely from the dangers of a collision on his head.

Despite the electronic component construction inside the helmet, the helmet is also equipped with an IPX4 waterproof standard. It allows users to use hats in rainy conditions without fear of water penetration into internal electronic components. However, this does not mean that you can use the hat regularly in such wet rain. It is best to limit it to some extent to ensure the use of hats for a long time. In addition, this helmet also has a design to adjust the strap on the back so you can easily adjust the length of the wire to your head size. Meanwhile, the design of the pull buckle and the strap of the hat are also extremely solid and comfortable. It allows you to feel comfortable wearing and effectively wicking sweat for users.

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Coupon Code: GKB350S

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