Buy Xiaomi MiTU Folding Stroller for Babies For Just $209.99 From Germany Warehouse (Coupon Deal)

Traveling with a child does not limit your freedom, No longer need to dream of comfortable travels with children. Now it is real! Xiaomi MiTU Folding Stroller allows you to share all the wonderful moments with your child: go for a walk, shopping or traveling. With just one free hand, you can easily carry out the process of folding and unfolding the stroller. Sophisticated design and construction, expertly implemented in the process of creation, simplify the process of using the stroller, without losing the overall structural strength. Folding or unfolding the stroller cannot be distracted from more important things. Conquer the world with your child!

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The basis of the Xiaomi MiTU Folding Stroller is an aluminum frame. The supporting parts are made of high-quality carbon steel, complemented with brass as the sleeve of the rotating part. This connection ensures that each movable connection is safe and reliable. The main structural elements are imported from Belgium and Switzerland.

The rear wheels are implemented using a powerful braking system that complies with the requirements of the European Commission. Regardless of the conditions of travel braking will be done with one click.  Convenient wheels with double bearings perfectly cope with any off-road. The front wheels rotate 360 ??°, which makes handling easier. For comfortable movement on the bumpiest roads, large wheels were specially selected. They will cope with the tiles of the old cities and the green lawn of the parks.

Xiaomi MiTU Folding Stroller in the folded position is so compact that it easily fits in your carry-on baggage. The weight of only 6.8 kilograms and the presence of a shoulder strap make it very convenient to travel along with the stroller. At the right moment, you can easily throw the pram on your shoulder and feel free everywhere.

6-inch non-toxic polyurethane foam wheel has the strength, durability, and resistance to puncture. An independent four-wheel damping system significantly reduces the impact to the ground and reduces discomfort caused by shaking the stroller. Such a journey will become a dream. Advanced PP material is designed to take care of your back from a very young age. The stroller has three positions: lying down – for the smallest, reclining and sessile – for older children. All positions are quickly accepted by the stroller without additional effort, so when the child decided to fall asleep – you will not wake him by changing the position of the stroller.

Hypoallergenic material seat corresponds to the class “A” of children’s materials and is able to effectively deal with 99% of bacteria Staphylococcus. The fabric of the seat is soft and comfortable to the touch, besides it is antistatic. You can also wash the material for the prevention of bacteria. 3-segment adjustable large visor consists of a combination of four-sided stretch fabric and lowers PU film. It has excellent strength and tensile properties and can be kept even and beautiful after repeated folding. The peak can isolate more than 95% of UV rays and meet the needs of child protection in various weather conditions, resist the sun, glare and protect the delicate skin of a child.

Xiaomi MiTU Folding Stroller Multifunctional Trolley Case Pushchair for Babies - Grey

Enjoy a wonderful trip with Your child can sit or lie, all four wheels have their own cushioning, an excellent protective visor protects in case of bad weather.

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Coupon Code: FTRWQIAN

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