Buy Xiaomi Mini Handheld Oscillating Fan with Three-speed For Just $21.99 (Coupon Deal)

Xiaomi Mini Handheld Oscillating Fan is capable of offering you with great comfort in summer with low noise and 3 adjustable modes. Compact size, lightweight and the USB port compatible with a variety of electronic devices allow you to take it anywhere you go. The adorable appearance and great touch-feeling make it an excellent gift for your children, friends, family, etc.

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Xiaomi Mini Handheld Oscillating Fan is a portable fan that can be used by handheld or placed on a desktop. The advantage of this fan is the use of a very good fan motor so that the wind produced is very stable, and can last up to 2000 hours of use. For sound, there is no need to worry because the sound produced is very minimal (30dB), smaller than you whisper.

With a fan wind that is designed in such a way and consists of 7 winds to make the rotation tighter so as to produce a wind effect that is also stronger and reaches further than ordinary portable fans. Xiaomi Mini Handheld Oscillating fan has 3 fan modes that can be easily changed using only a button (One-button operation). Press 1x to turn on and enter Gentle Breeze mode. Press again to change to Natural Wind mode, and press again to enter Blustery Wind mode. To turn it off, just press and hold for 2 seconds.

Using a power source from Rechargeable Battery 2000mAh that can be recharged when the power runs out. Simply charge 3 hours, the battery will be fully charged. To charge it you can use a Micro USB cable because this fan uses a Micro USB port for charging. To put on a desk (desktop fan), a U-shaped base is provided so that your hands are not tired of holding the fan continuously.

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Coupon Code: IARDVPSQ

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