Buy Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Windows Sensor For Just €9.60 (Flash Deal)

Guard your family and business all the time! Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Windows Sensor adopt fashionable and wireless design, can be installed within 10mm near door or window, detecting switch status due to its higher sensitivity, also compatible with other devices and mobile phones to achieve intelligent remote control easily and quickly. Let you enjoy your secure and smart life right now!

Buy Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Windows Sensor

The Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Windows Sensor is designed for daily security of your house or other places, which belongs to Mi Smart Home Kit and must work with your Mi Smart Multifunctional Gateway for more functions. You can control the sensor via the app which will inform you of updates and also allows you to set trigger conditions with other Xiaomi Smart Home Accessories.

With the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Windows Sensor, you’ll be able to upgrade your home’s security and never have to fear about unwanted intruders again. Simply attach it to your door or window, pair it with the Xiaomi multifunctional gateway, and always stay informed whenever your door or window gets opened. Great for daily security purposes, this Xiaomi smart security sensor magnificently increases the overall protection of your home along with the security and safety of all your belongings and loved ones.

When in place, the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Windows Sensor will automatically send a signal to the Xiaomi multifunctional gateway whenever your door or window has been opened – enabling your lights to flash an alarm to sound. Via the smart gateway, it can furthermore be connected to other Xiaomi smart home accessories such as, for example, a security camera that starts filming automatically when a door or window is opened – allowing you to create the ultimate smart home security environment.

For those of you that spent a lot of time away from home, the Xiaomi door and window sensors can be controlled via the dedicated mobile application along with all your other Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Windows Sensor. Supporting both iOs and Android smartphones, you can be assured that these smart security sensors can be easily and efficiently operated through your mobile phone no matter where you’re at.

You can find this amazing Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Windows Sensor in the at a price of €9.60 with an incredible discount. If you want to appropriate this Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Windows Sensor you just have to enter from the following link:

Buy Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Windows Sensor

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