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You need to dry your hair quickly, but the types of hair dryers on the market often hurt and decay hair. Let Xiaomi Mijia MJO2L XW 1600W Negative Ion Hair Dryer solve these problems for you. Xiaomi Mijia MJO2L XW 1600W Negative Ion Hair Dryer comes from the Mijia brand, a famous brand in the creation of high-class fashion appliances. Mijia hairdryer is a device that helps dry hair quickly, without damaging the scalp, besides helping to keep hair healthy and floating.

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Mijia MJO2L XW has a small design of only 17 x 7.5 x 23.1cm for a comfortable grip and a lightweight of only 0.454kg that helps you use comfortably without being too tired even when using for long periods of time. Besides, it allows you to easily store and carry in your backpack or bag when traveling or on business trips. Following the minimalist design style, Mijia MJO2L XW 1600W Negative Ion Hair Dryer wears pure and elegant white, easily suitable for any interior in your home space. Products made entirely of high-quality hand-painted paint and two-layer spray process for effective anti-dust, dirt and scratch resistance. At the same time brings a smooth grip and high aesthetics for the product, for the product is still new despite long-term use.

How to make dry hair while caring for your hair at the same time? Secrets are hidden in the vents of Mijia hair dryers. The built-in condensing needles condense moisture in the air, then transform into tiny negative ion particles through the electrode, replenish moisture for the hair, better care for the hair, giving Looks smooth and glossy long-lasting. The independent air duct design helps to transport ionic particles faster, avoiding loss due to the machine’s high temperature, thereby allowing ion particles to penetrate deep into the user’s hair. Air nozzle design with a 2-layer structure significantly reduces the high temperature of the nozzle surface and effectively insulates. At the same time, the nozzle can rotate freely to bring high-speed airflow for quick dry hair while meeting the styling needs of users.

To achieve power up to 16000W, the manufacturer has equipped a high-quality motor with a rotation speed of up to 18000 rpm. Thus the machine for very strong airflow, while providing stable and safe wind for users. Along with that, Xiaomi Mijia MJO2L XW 1600W Negative Ion Hair Dryer is equipped with 6 wind turbines combined with Marlboro brand high-speed motor and torque to create large wind power up to 12ms for uniform airflow. More, helps hair dry faster. Smart and automatic balanced rotor design for better wind noise control for quieter and more comfortable user experience.

NTC intelligent temperature control feature helps to circulate hot and cold air effectively, avoiding overheating for hair. Besides, through the NTC intelligent temperature control module integrated in Xiaomi Mijia MJO2L XW, the change in the ambient temperature in the airflow and the hot and cold air circulation time are adjusted, greatly reducing the difficulty. resistant to scalp while avoiding hair damage due to excessive heat. High quality temperature control element and independent dual temperature protection device for better temperature control. At the same time, when you feel that the temperature is beyond the safe range, Xiaomi Mijia MJO2L XW 1automatically disconnects the power, protecting users, so users feel secure when using the product.

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Coupon Code: ANION3199

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