Buy Xiaomi MIJIA MJCTD02YL Bedside Lamp 2 For Just $33.99 (Coupon Deal)

It can be seen, Xiaomi now does not stop at the Xiaomi ecosystem and its home Mi app but has partnered with Apple Homekit to be able to control home appliances, bringing you life “throne smart home “modern standard. One of the products mentioned is the Xiaomi MIJIA MJCTD02YL Bedside Lamp 2 that brings new improvements that will definitely make you satisfied.  Currently, the Xiaomi MIJIA MJCTD02YL Bedside Lamp 2 is available at Geekbuying with Coupon Code which costs only $33.99

Coupon Code: MJCTD02YL

Xiaomi MIJIA MJCTD02YL has a gentle, harmonious design, the contours of the treated body are soft and rounded without any angle, overall the overall finish is perfect. The elegant 2-color Mijia light is suitable for many different indoor spaces. With dimensions of 140 x 200mm, it does not occupy much space when placed on a table.

Compared to his predecessor, Mijia Bedside Lamp, the Xiaomi MIJIA MJCTD02YL has a fancier new design with a round cylindrical body. The lamp base is reduced to make room for lampshades, increasing the lighting effect more widely. The second generation also uses flip chips, adding a hot running design to achieve uniform lighting. Thereby improving the quality of light better, bringing comfort to users.

This version also enhances the lighting experience for users with an adjustable spread of luminous flux. In particular, the maximum brightness can be increased to 400lm and the minimum brightness can be lowered below 2lm in the bedroom, meeting many needs in your daily life. From reading, watching TV and making night light with warm light gently.

Improved Xiaomi MIJIA MJCTD02YL with night lighting technology brings a fanciful sparkling experience in the evening for you, very suitable for romantic parties, family gatherings. Specifically, lampshades are designed with 2 layers with unique light mixing technology to help the lights shine more evenly. The light at the center point will light up most and gradually blur at the farther points.

As a Xiaomi ecosystem product, the Xiaomi MIJIA MJCTD02YL can be connected and synchronized with the Mi home app. Sync feature in Xiaomi ecosystem is also shown by using Xiaomi’s AI Speaker to control voice. Moreover, it can also connect to Apple Homekit to be able to customize settings on the device and control lights with Apple’s Siri virtual assistant.

In addition to the remote intelligent control feature, Mijia manufacturer also equips the user to control the setting of the lights with the universal touch bar. The control bar is highly interactive, when the light is off you just need to touch at any point on the brightness bar, it will turn on the light with the corresponding brightness in the blink of an eye. Along with that, you can also adjust the light to the indoor atmosphere or turn on / off the power quickly and extremely simple. Xiaomi MIJIA MJCTD02YL can connect to both Wifi and Bluetooth with high compatibility. You can use mobile devices running Android 4.4 and iOS 9.0 and above to control this light. In addition to the above improvements, the optical parameters of the Mijia Gen 2 lamp also have new changes such as increasing the optical index to 350lm and the application of WRGB color adjustment technology.

You can find this amazing Xiaomi MIJIA MJCTD02YL Bedside Lamp 2 in the at a price of $33.99 by using Coupon Code: MJCTD02YL with an incredible discount. If you want to appropriate this  Xiaomi Bedside Lamp you just have to enter from the following link:

Coupon Code: MJCTD02YL

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