Buy Xiaomi Mijia KD-12 QiCycle Dual Use Safe Bike For Children For Just $149.99 (Coupon Deal)

In the process of nurturing young children, it is very important to practice getting used to basic life skills. And practicing balance through cycling is also one of those essential skills. Therefore, Xiaomi tried to help users by launching the Xiaomi Mijia KD-12 QiCycle. A minibike version is suitable for girls who are on the way to learn how to grow. Xiaomi Mijia KD-12 QiCycle is a tiny bike version, with size 880 x 560 x 430mm and weighs only 6.9kg. The car is designed with a minimalist, compact design to help children easily control. And can withstand loads up to 25kg. In general, the car is suitable for children with an average height of 90 to 110cm.

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Xiaomi Mijia QiCycle Dual Use Safe Bike For Children Tricycle Scooter Ergonomic Design - Yellow

For the purpose of child safety, all parts of this children’s Xiaomi Mijia KD-12 QiCycle are designed in a convenient and safe way. With the ultra-high freezing design and extremely good anti-slip handle, children can easily control the moving vehicle with great certainty. While the vehicle’s front brakes are also very sensitive, it can help children quickly avoid obstacles without losing balance. In addition, the car is also designed with a softly rounded corner frame. Thanks to this advantage, children can avoid being scratched or injured when accidentally hitting a frame. The pedal section on the car is designed by the manufacturer to be quite comfortable with the average foot size of the child. The distance between the two ends of the pedal and the pedal of the pedal is also shortened to fit younger.

Xiaomi Mijia QiCycle Dual Use Safe Bike For Children Tricycle Scooter Ergonomic Design - Yellow

Because children are vulnerable to starting cycling, the manufacturer has carefully equipped a protective plastic sheet outside the car chain. In particular, unlike the normal bike with a spokes design on wheels, Xiaomi Mijia KD-12 QiCycle has absolutely no design but instead is a round plastic plate embracing the tire. car. This design works against curvature, buckling for cakes and increases the balance for the wheels.

Xiaomi Mijia QiCycle Dual Use Safe Bike For Children Tricycle Scooter Ergonomic Design - Yellow

If your child has just learned to run and cannot get a balance, the car still has 2 small side wheels on both sides to help balance the running. By the time your child is able to run firmly, you can remove these 2 wheels to help your child learn to run at higher levels of difficulty. But the car also has a more “run” mode, which is to remove both the pedal and the car chain so that the child can control the car by sliding the car forward. With this operation, the child can practice balancing the body weight before training to move the vehicle by applying power to the vehicle’s drive system.

Xiaomi Mijia QiCycle Dual Use Safe Bike For Children Tricycle Scooter Ergonomic Design - Yellow

Because the car design is suitable for children with a height between 90 and 110cm, you can change the height of the seat to match the height of the child. Saddles with saddle-like designs will help protect the spine of the child best, avoiding the situation of children running in the wrong position. In particular, the extended saddle design also contributes to the protection of children in case the child has slipped off the front seat.

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