Buy Xiaomi Mijia 1080P Home Panoramic WiFi IP Camera at $32.99[Coupon]

Everyone is worried about the security of their home, office or any other work place. One cannot stay at one place and keep watch that place all the time. So to keep a regular watch on one can go for security camera. Security camera is one of the important ways to confirm security. Security camera helps to be assure of security and can let you live your life without any worries. It helps people to sleep without worries and tension. But to assure security you must have a good quality camera which can record quality videos. Videos must be clearly visible.Xiaomi Security camera

The new Xiaomi Mijia security camera is a good option as it is affordable and also a good quality product. This Xiaomi mijia smart surveillance camera is a quality product which records a clear video not only in day or bright light but also in night time or low light. Apart from recording quality videos it can also record videos of up to 9 meter distance and with the help of rotatable design it also record wide range of area. Now you can this product in more affordable price at gearbest.Xiaomi Security camera

General information:

Xiaomi Security cameraThis Xiaomi security camera has night vision function and can record high quality videos both in day and night light. The camera is small in size yet powerful. The security camera performance includes night vision, motion detection etc. It is equipped with the Android and IOS operating system. Rotation of camera in horizontal angle is 360 degree and in vertical angle 96 degree. And maximum monitoring range is 110 degree. Xiaomi security camera has got three ways for video storage. One is local Micro SD card. Up to 64 GB of Micro SD card can be insert. Second is NAS storage and third is cloud storage.

If you looking for a good surveillance camera then this new Xiaomi security camera is just the right product. Click the link below to get the best deal at gearbest.


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