Buy Xiaomi MIIIW MWBK01 Wireless Keyboard For Just $59.99 (Coupon Deal)

The Miiiw MWBK01 Wireless Keyboard from Xiaomi Youpin will be the perfect choice for a professional office worker who fancies simplicity, sophistication, and realism. Xiaomi MIIIW MWBK01 Wireless Keyboard will be a highlight to distinguish and personality of the office. Do not be as boring as gaming keyboards, or as simple as regular equipment. MIIIW MWBK01 brings a different elegance with classic style. If you are a fan of precision and refinement than bubbling, this is the best choice for you.

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Specifically, the Xiaomi MIIIW MWBK01 Wireless Keyboard is only available in dimensions of 408 x 143 x 23.6mm. This size shows that although the length cannot be said to be minimalist, the special feature here is their thinness compared to other devices of the same type. Moreover, the whole device is mainly machined from aluminum alloy material, ABS plastic finish, Anodized surface treated, scratched, oxidized. Behind the aluminum alloy pedestal, the four corners are anti-slip mats that protect the surface as well as prevent slippery keys when placed on a flat surface.

The holes on the keyboard are made from aluminum alloy frame thanks to advanced laser engraving technology for high accuracy and good finishing. In addition, all digital signatures on the keyboard are engraved with a gray laser that does not fade or peel when used for a long time. Although the keys are designed rounded instead of the square as usual, however, the structure of the digits remains the same as for the accurate and pleasant touch of the user.

In particular, the high-end Xiaomi MIIIW MWBK01 Wireless Keyboard is also equipped with a chiclet key system that is quiet and quiet. That’s why the keyboard gives smooth, quiet, and maximum noise reduction. Keyboard system for stable operation on all operating systems and devices. The command key added alongside the Fn key makes it easier to use on Mac and Windows.

In addition to the usual Bluetooth connectivity, the MIIIW MWBK01 also comes with 2.4Ghz wireless connectivity. From there, users can easily connect and input easily on iPhone, iPad and other Android smartphones. Especially with the two wireless connection method on the keyboard will allow users to input on both devices at the same time. Furthermore, the ability to switch between two devices quickly with just one function key.

The tilting design is 6 degrees so that the user’s posture is more comfortable, more comfortable, and feels more natural and accurate. MIIIW MWBK01  also uses power from two AAA batteries so that users do not need to plug directly.

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Coupon Code: 41FKRBTQ

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