Buy Xiaomi MIIIW 12-Digit Large Display Desktop Calculator For Just $13.99 (Coupon Deal)

The Xiaomi MIIIW 12-Digit Large Display Desktop Calculator adopts the Mijia-like minimalistic design, LED display up to 12 digits at a time also have a 1.3mm keystroke rebound effect. Xiaomi MIIIW Calculator is an indispensable device for those who work with numbers. In addition to providing the most accurate results, it has a pleasant snow-white design, convenient buttons for quick and high-quality calculation of important accounting and financial indicators.

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The Xiaomi MIIIW Calculator is called so for a reason. After all, it has quite compact dimensions (140 x 87 x 20 mm), which allow it to easily fit in a bag or backpack. It is ideal for various fields of activity: accounting, banking, finance, etc. If you work with numbers, regularly calculate important financial indicators, you just need it. The Xiaomi MIIIW Calculator is made of durable ABS plastic and weighs only 76 grams.

The rounded edges of the calculator and its snow-white color give the device a special aesthetic effect, which allows it to fit into any office interior. The liquid crystal LED screen allows you to display up to 12 digits in large print, clearly distinguishable thanks to the adjusted contrast.

The base of the Xiaomi MIIIW Calculator is equipped with a soft and flexible silicone gasket, thanks to which it will not slip on the surface and create inconvenience in computational operations. Among the other buttons of the calculator, the ON / AC button, which received a pleasant green color, stands out especially. In total, the calculator is equipped with 23 buttons, the inscriptions on which are the result of laser engraving. Due to laser engraving, the inscriptions will not fade or fade, they are visible quite clearly, so using such a calculator will be much more pleasant.

Everything in it is thought out to the smallest detail: smoothly pressing buttons (and the sound from pressing is softened) and the response speed at altitude. In addition, the calculator’s tilt angle of 6º also helps to work more comfortably, reducing hand fatigue during lengthy calculations. The design of the battery compartment of the Xiaomi MIIIW Calculator is quite easy to manage. To replace the battery, simply slide the cover slightly to the right and pull the cover toward you. The battery used is one alkaline battery (sold separately).

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Coupon Code: 3KMDHVQJ

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