Buy Xiaomi LEXON FLIP LR130 Digital Alarm Clock For Just $44.99 (Coupon Deal)

Xiaomi LEXON FLIP LR130 Digital Alarm Clock features a unique flip design to turn the alarm on and off. Simply flip the clock to turn on and flip it back over when you don’t want the alarm to go off, it’s that easy. The numbers will rotate automatically so you don’t have to crook your neck. The snooze not only deactivates the alarm so you can have a few more minutes snoozing but it also operates the backlight function so you can see how much time you have left to sleep when you wake in the middle of the night.

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Xiaomi LEXON FLIP LR130 Digital Alarm Clock has two different sides, one with ON written on it, one with OFF. When ON is visible, it indicates that the alarm clock is activated and the set wake-up time appears just right of the actual time in the lower right corner of the LCD display. On the ON side, there is also a snooze and light button. When you flip the alarm clock over to the other side so that OFF is visible, the alarm is off.

At the same moment ingeniously the actual time on the LCD display flips over too, otherwise it would stand on its head by now. The idea of this alarm clock is that it forces you to move and thereby makes sure that you stay awake. The electro-luminous display allows you to check the time all night too. Due to its size, it can also be used as a travel alarm clock. The travel alarm clock with a light-emitting screen Flip Travel will seduce you with its compact size (L 8.4 cm/depth 5.2 cm / H 2.4 cm) ultra-convenient to carry everywhere.

You can operate the Xiaomi LEXON FLIP LR130 Digital Alarm Clock by turning the alarm clock over. If the ‘ON’ side is pointing up, the alarm is on. In the morning, you can turn off the alarm by turning the device over, so the ‘OFF’ side points upwards. You can see the time you set the alarm for in the bottom right of the display. Activate the snooze function with a simple touch so you can snooze for a few more minutes. The alarm clock runs on batteries and has a small size, which makes it ideally suited to traveling.

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Coupon Code: LEXONLR45

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