Buy Xiaomi JIMMY JW31 Lightweight Cordless Pressure Washer For Just $159.99 (Coupon Deal)

In addition to the conventional connection to the water tap, Xiaomi JIMMY JW31 Lightweight Cordless Pressure Washer with a built-in pump can draw water from various water sources eg. bucket or stream. You can use it anywhere, without fear that there is no water nearby. On the inlet, there is a mesh filter that prevents the impurities from entering the purifier.

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Unlike the usual clunky and heavy car washes, the Jimmy was specifically designed for maximum compactness and efficiency. A powerful injection pump and 5 lithium battery cells with a capacity of 2500 mAh provide an unprecedented degree of mobility and autonomy, and the low weight of just 1800 g allows you to take the wash with you wherever you go.

Conventional pressure washers are a device the size of a suitcase and with about the same mobility. Sink Jimmy JW31 differs in the compact case, the powerful pump and a competent design that together gives amazing pressure and purity. The convenient branded bag makes it easy to take the sink with you.

In conventional high-pressure washers, the pump only works to discharge, but in the JW31 sink, the pump operates in a self-priming mode, which allows water to be used directly from a bucket, lake or any other source. A special mechanical filter protects the flow from large particles. So that the water jet would hit the maximum distance while maintaining pressure, an extension nozzle was specially developed, with which you can clean even hard-to-reach places. Stepless adjustment allows you to adjust the optimum flow to remove contaminants.

Thanks to the use of advanced technology and precise processing, the high-pressure flow quickly forms a large volume of detergent foam. In this case, the device is equally well combined with different types of products and powders, without harming the paintwork of the car. The volume of foam can be adjusted, so the machine can be quickly covered with a layer of desired thickness to save time and resources. A fan spray is excellent for washing the foam, quickly covering a large area and returning the car its shine.

The 180 W electric motor is the very heart of the pump, which takes water and pumps it under high pressure. The maximum water pressure is 2.2 MPa, which is 8-10 times higher than the natural water pressure. A flow of 180 liters per hour will help to clean the most corrosive dirt.

The multifunction nozzle has 5 spray modes for a variety of situations: for washing a car, cleaning barbecues, bicycles, garden furniture and sidewalks, you can even set up a gentle mode for pets. Not a single drop is spilled for nothing. For convenient use, the design provided zones for holding with two hands, which helps to cope with recoil and precisely direct the jet.

For gentle washing, for example, pets, it is recommended to use the Eco mode in combination with the shower head mode. When washing mosquito and other nets, it is recommended to combine Eco mode with a fan-shaped stream.

Coupon Code: QRCBNJFO

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