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The Xiaomi Jimmy JV65 has a 2-in-1 design that allows it to be used as a handle or hand vacuum cleaner. The Jimmy JV63 is a wireless 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner that can be used as a handle or hand vacuum cleaner. It comes with a soft roller head (ideal for hard floors) and three additional cleaning attachments for use as a hand vacuum cleaner. Especially on hardwood floors, this stylish and easy to use vacuum cleaner allows thorough cleaning. Find out if Jimmy JV65 is the right choice for your home.

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The powerful vacuum cleaner uses double cyclone filtration to achieve an efficiency of 99 percent with an air filtration of 22 kPa and 1 ?/min volume airflow. With an output of 500 watts, the intelligent motor achieves up to 145 AW and 100,000 rpm. What does that mean? The only thing I couldn’t absorb was a piece of tape stuck to my parquet. It is enough to clean each area only once with the vacuum cleaner. The soft roller head is ideal for cleaning parquet or tiled floors as it gently absorbs dirt without spreading it over the entire floor. If you have long hair, you will like the anti-winding function – the hair does not get tangled in the brush but ends up collected in the dust container. Although they wrap themselves around the inside of the dust container, they can be easily removed there.

Unfortunately, the vacuum cleaner is only suitable for low carpets, if you have a high pile carpet, you should rather choose another model. If the Dyson V8 is too expensive for you, the Xiaomi Jimmy JV65 gives you the same soft roller head and a better on/off switch – you only have to press it once to turn on the vacuum cleaner – after all, vacuuming is exhausting enough, so it’s handy if you don’t have to keep a button pressed all the time. The Xiaomi vacuum cleaner is therefore much more comfortable for hands and wrists.

The soft bottom roller is excellent and has been able to remove almost all kinds of dirt in our test. On hard floors the vacuum cleaner couldn’t be better, only carpets are a challenge for Jimmy. Coarse dirt is absorbed, but smaller particles such as sugar are difficult to remove. If a conventional carpet brush was included, it wouldn’t have been a problem. We are surprised that despite the many accessories, no such brush is included. For low carpets, you can use the mattress top (or anti-mite top) to clean smaller areas with more suction power. By the way, we also tested this attachment on a mattress; the result was not really impressive after one minute, but I still like the attachment.

Thanks to its low weight of only 1.46 kilograms and the ergonomic grip angle of 65 degrees, JIMMY JV65 is easy to maneuver. If you want to quickly vacuum your home just before your guests drop by, you’ll find that the turning radius is pretty good. For example, you can clean the areas around your chair or table legs quickly, easily and precisely. Jimmy is also flat enough to easily fit under your furniture. The replaceable 8×2500 mAh battery can also be recharged without the vacuum cleaner. If you want to operate the device for longer than 70 minutes, you should, therefore, buy a second battery. One battery charge is usually enough for an area of almost 350 square meters. In high-performance mode, which I only used once, the battery only lasts eight minutes. With the electric brush, it’s only seven minutes. In normal operation, the battery life is about 35 minutes when using the electric brush.

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