Buy Xiaomi Deerma DEM-DH202 Foldable Electric Water Kettle For Just $39.99 (Flash Deal)

Do you want to drink warm water while traveling? This Xiaomi Deerma DEM-DH202 Foldable Electric Water Kettle with the folding design is durable and practical, so you can take it with you wherever you want. No need to worry about drinking unhealthy water. You can make it smaller anytime, put it in your suitcase and start your journey. It’s like a hamburger that doesn’t take up a lot of space. Don’t you think it’s useful? Get one for yourself and it will make your life so much better.

Like other travel kettles, Xiaomi Deerma DEM-DH202 is also specially equipped with an extremely flexible folding design. Specifically, just press the button in 3 seconds gently, you can shrink the size of warm down to ½ extremely compact. Therefore, you can fully fit in a suitcase or backpack to carry around without taking up too much space. Especially, the handle can be flexibly disassembled and stored neatly in the groove or installed 110mm wide to operate safely and easily. The kettle mouth is designed with a diameter of 12cm wide enough for you to add water or manual access more accurately to difficult-to-clean areas, keeping the kettle always clean after use.

All materials processed on Deerma DEM-DH202 travel kettle are tested for quality and pass the RoHS certification and meet FDA standards. Specifically, Deerma has equipped with 304 stainless steel which can directly contact with food as the internal material, no smell, no reaction when boiling water, quality assurance and water hygiene. In addition, the ABS, PP, silicon materials in the outer shell provide both durability and ensure no odor, no fouling specialized in manufacturing household appliances.

The Deerma DEM-DH202 kettle is equipped with a high power of 600W, a heating frame of 304 stainless steel and 360-degree heating technology to create a spiral thereby shortening the boiling time to only 7 minutes. In particular, the kettle also has an automatic heat preservation mode, when activated the kettle will automatically boil water after 4 minutes, ensuring a constant source of hot water for users. The capacity of 0.6 L ensures sufficient supply for personal needs.

Smart switching voltage range 220V ~ 50Hz male is suitable for use in more than 100 countries. Therefore, you absolutely do not need to worry about the power supply when taking the kettle to go on business or travel abroad. You need hot water provided to make tea, milk, coffee, cook instant noodles, … on business trips and travel. Or simply, you are not assured with the types of water heaters provided at hotels and guest houses. Deerma DEM-DH202 with a flexible and compact design with fast, strong heating capacity, food safety contact materials will be the choice to fully meet your usage needs during long trips.

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