Buy Xiaomi Chanitex Smart Temperature Controlled Mattress For Winter at $285.99 (Coupon Deal)

Winter is right around the corner and Xiaomi seems to be well prepared to provide for it. Xiaomi has launched a new product, it is a smart mattress called Chanitex Smart Temperature Controlled Mattress. Indeed, it will be a very appropriate mattress during winter days or when the room is cold. The Chaintech Smart Temperature Controlled Mattress is an intelligent thermal mattress cover that works differently from traditional electric blankets. The mattress uses a system of pipes through which hot water passes through at variable temperatures.

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The Xiaomi Chanitex Mattress is very different from a traditional electric blanket, which converts electrical energy into thermal energy. In addition, it is like a blanket with several layers of cotton and in its intermediate layer several PCV tubes. These tubes are the ones that distribute heat throughout the blanket to heat it. It has a size of 230x280x120mm  and weighs 2 Kg. With its inner layers of cotton, it can be easily folded, so we can store it anywhere.

Electricity does not pass through the mattress but into a heating box that can be had on the nightstand. That is, totally safe for children and the elderly. The manufacturer was very careful to maintain safety by providing twelve leakage protection features; Little water and low temperatures.

For more safety, its main module has a noise level of less than 25d, so it can detect any leakage or overheat in the pipes. Also if you have a long time without changing the configuration of the mattress after 15 hours of use it will automatically turn off. On the other hand, you can control the temperature of the mattress with its MIJIA app on your mobile. You can also regulate the temperature between 25 to 60 ° C, and the highest ideal temperature to kill bed mites. In addition to controlling the operating status and an extra function to keep the mattress clean.

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Coupon Code: 1111GKB30

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