Buy Xiaomi Beebest X8 HD Binocular Telescope For Just $68.99 (Coupon Deal)

If you are an avid explorer and adventurer, you probably already have a dedicated pair of binoculars. Binoculars help us bring the world closer by enabling us to see things we would otherwise have missed — they are a perfect observation, study, and exploration tool. Today, we take a look at the Beebest X8 HD Binocular Telescope by Xiaomi and see how it can take your adventures further.

Coupon Code: GKB368S

Xiaomi Beebest X8 HD Binocular Telescope features a roof prism structure, simple design, and integrated molding process that give the binoculars an exquisite and portable appearance. The eco-friendly glue-coated skin that, wrap the telescope tube which is delicate and non-slip, and has an excellent feel. Simply hang the telescope on your body and pack it in the bag which makes the travel easier and more enjoyable. Measuring just 4.92 x 4.92 x 1.77 inches, the binoculars are very portable and lightweight (just a bit over 500 grams). This makes it super easy to carry them around: just attach them to your backpack or clothing, put them inside a bag or even a coat pocket — they will not add too much extra weight to your gear and do not require any special carrying case.

Thanks to the 32mm objective lens, the binoculars get ample light and let you see objects and sceneries in detail even if the lighting conditions leave a lot to be desired. The binoculars come with a 19mm eyepiece and a 4mm exit pupil. This means that even if your eyes are not perfectly aligned with the telescope, you will still get the entire field of view. Plus, thanks to the ultra-wideband multilayer coating process used in the making of the lens, you get accurate color rendition and high reflectance.

Thanks to the eight times magnification, you will get to see what you want in great quality and from a great distance. Go wildlife or bird watching and see the animals up close without disturbing them. Watch a game without dropping the big bucks on front-row seats — with the Xiaomi Beebest X8 HD Binocular Telescope, you will be right there in the action. Enjoy a play, opera or ballet even from the back of the theatre and don’t miss a single pirouette.

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Coupon Code: GKB368S

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