Buy Xiaomi Mi AC2100 Wireless Router For Just $57.99 (Coupon Deal)

Xiaomi has introduced a new dual-band AC2100 router with IPV6 support. It is optimized to work in the MiHome smart home ecosystem and looks more like a smart speaker than a router. Xiaomi AC2100 Wireless Router is equipped with 4 360-degree layout antennas, for large coverage. Simultaneously support 2 bands with a fast and stable transmission line, meet the demand for high-level internet access. Products will be an indispensable choice for businesses, cafes or households with large space.

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Unlike previous generation routers, Xiaomi AC2100 Wireless Router has a simple cylindrical design with a luxurious, beautiful black tone. Xiaomi AC2100 Wireless Router is equipped with 4 intelligent layout antennas for wider coverage, better transmission performance. Besides the unique hidden design helps increase the aesthetics of the product. Xiaomi AC2100 Wireless Router is an integrated aluminum heat sink for great heat dissipation performance, avoiding the case of the machine overheating due to continuous use, ensuring better router operation.

RXiaomi AC2100outer is equipped with up to 128MB of memory for more storage space, helping the device run smoother. Besides the router for connectivity of up to 128 devices, is quite suitable for use in the company, office, cafe milk tea, inn or household families with large space used for Connecting smart home devices. In addition, the AC2100 router is equipped with an 880MHz quad-core processor, greatly improving the Wi-Fi data forwarding process compared to traditional single-core processor, while also providing lower latency, supporting games. play online better.

Xiaomi AC2100 Wireless Router also supports up to 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands quite conveniently. Simultaneous wireless connection of the two bands can reach 2033Mbps, meeting the requirements of high-speed internet access. Besides 2.4GHz band travels farther, better coverage, better through-wall performance. Band 5GHz applies 802.11ac technology, low noise and high speed, high-resolution video and online gaming experience smoother. The 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless chips integrate 2 channels and 4 channels of IPA + iLNA. IPA (built-in power amplifier) ??to enhance signal transmission efficiency. iLNA enhances signal reception, for long distances, including walls and obstructions, for greater coverage.

In addition, the 5GHz band applies the new generation Wave2 MU-MIMO technology, changes the transmission mode, allowing multiple devices to be connected at the same time. With only 1 terminal can connect to multiple devices at the same time, support group connection for a better gaming experience. In addition, the 5GHz 4×4 band and 4×4 MIMO technology doubles the transmission speed and avoids interference from other access devices, providing a more stable access speed. 5GHz supports the LDPC error correction algorithm that enhances anti-jamming and data transmission capabilities.

The Xiaomi AC2100 router is also equipped with three Gigabit LAN ports and one Gigabit WAN port adaptable to high-speed bandwidth of up to 1000M, which can meet the needs of most home and small office users. AC2100 Wifi Router is also capable of connecting and controlling devices via smart apps. A special feature is that AC2100 not only supports Android and iOS devices but also supports users through the site quite conveniently. In addition, the Router also supports IPv6 address space to help make the routing structure more stable, increasing the security and privacy for users.

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