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Nowadays, smartTV devices are increasingly thinner and lighter so the sound quality on TV is dramatically reduced and not really focused. Because of that, the appearance of XIAOMI 33-inch TV Soundbar will be the best solution for the case of users who want to improve the sound quality more vivid for their home TV. The XIAOMI 33-inch TV Soundbar is designed by professional sound engineer Wang Fuyu with 27 years of audio design experience and is the head of Philips Acoustics Architecture. Different from traditional TV speakers, the Xiaomi soundbar is designed in an all-in-one style very neat, extremely compact, greatly saving space for users. Besides, the speaker also allows connection with many different devices such as TV, Smartphone, Ipad, tablet.

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TrolleyBuy XIAOMI 33-inch TV Soundbar from Banggood

Overall The XIAOMI 33-inch TV Soundbar has a horizontal rectangle with 2 parts of the body and the screen. Each line is meticulously focused on creating elegance and adding aesthetics to the user’s space. Besides, the control buttons are also equipped on the top of the speaker’s body to help users easily control during use. Products are equipped with 8 quality audio equipment with a sound frequency response range of 50Hz ~ 25000Hz. Two 20-core domed tweeters provide clear and stable treble sound, four passive radiators, and two 2.5-inch subwoofers for deep, realistic bass and bass.

Besides, in order to help users can connect easily, quickly and most stable, many interfaces of the Xiaomi soundbar are also equipped. With SPDIF, Optical, Aux, Line connection methods, users have many audio interface options such as TV, computer, Ipad, smartphone, … depending on their usage needs. Specially designed fast and stable wireless Bluetooth 4.2, along with anti-jamming capabilities, easily helps you troubleshoot connectivity problems, allowing you to quickly connect audio.

With the smart design of the XIAOMI 33-inch TV Soundbar, users can easily mount it on the wall, place it horizontally or even attach to the bottom edge of the TV. With such convenient features, the Xiaomi soundbar has eliminated all inconveniences about occupying a lot of the area of ??traditional speakers, which saves a lot of space for users. To be able to connect Xiaomi soundbar to TV users only need to go through 3 very simple steps. The first is to connect the TV to the speaker device via the equipped SPDIF port interface. Then connect the devices to a power source, finally press the speaker start button, the SPDIF signal lights up so you can start using and the audio player.

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Coupon Code: BGHYGM

TrolleyBuy XIAOMI 33-inch TV Soundbar from Banggood

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