Buy Tronsmart Spunky Pro TWS Earbuds For Just $26.99 (Coupon Deal)

TWS-headphones have become a familiar accessory for smartphones and players – it is difficult to surprise the user. But there are special models. Tronsmart Spunky Pro – a fully wireless headset with an unusual case, 18 hours of battery life and the case, which is not afraid of walking in rainy weather. With superior deep bass, clear call sound, a new wireless charging case & more convenient gesture control, Spunky Pro is engineered for truly wireless music & calls, and an active lifestyle.

Coupon Code: T6MAX01

As we all know, the main requirement for such accessories is high-quality sound. The developers of Tronsmart tried to do everything possible to bring the sound quality to a new level. The accessory is equipped with 6 mm radiators. The headphone configuration includes two microphones that are responsible for noise reduction and provide a clean stereo sound. The cherry on the cake called Tronsmart Spunky Pro is the support for Qi wireless charging technology. You can simply put the case with headphones on the adapter, without having to search for a USB cable. By the way, a USB Type-C port is also provided for recharging the case, so even if you do not have a wireless charger, you can use the cable from a smartphone.

Synchronization with mobile devices is performed via Bluetooth 5.0 wireless module, which solves the problem of poor and unstable connection. Tronsmart Spunky Pro supports voice assistants and gesture management. Touch the headset once, say “Hi, Siri” and the virtual assistant will be activated, but you don’t have to search for a smartphone. Tronsmart Spunky Pro is smaller than most modern fully wireless headphones on the market. Despite the reduction in size, donate the autonomy of the gadget did not have to. Tronsmart Spunky Pro can work on one full charge, taking into account the charge from the case up to 18 hours. The form factor of the case allows it to comfortably be placed in the pocket of his pants. The headphone case is IPX5 water protected.

With Tronsmart Spunky Pro, you can play sports without any problems, as they are not afraid of sweat. In addition, the accessory will survive the rain. Tronsmart Spunky Pro is one of the best choices if you need good and comfortable headphones with high-quality sound that are capable of providing the best listening experience.

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Coupon Code: T6MAX01

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