Buy The Xiaomi FIMI A3 For $221($58 Coupon Off Included)

Xiaomi is known for developing products in a wide range of segments, from smartphones, tablets, and computers, to small appliances and gadgets for a variety of uses, including drones. It is in this last market that Xiaomi bets again. After the huge success of its Mi Drone 4K, the Xiaomi FIMI A3 arrived, already with the “follow me” mode and remote control with a built-in screen.

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This new drone is developed jointly with FIMI, one of the companies that integrate the ecosystem of Xiaomi, and with it, the company clearly intends an approach to the segment of more compact drones.

Its appearance reminds us of the design of the Mi Drone 4K, but narrower, without its “landing gear” and without the camera below its body: in the background, it is a compact Mi Drone.

The features announced for the FIMI A3, although not impressive, since this is not a top-of-the-range drone, are very interesting when compared to other equipment in this price range, less than $250.

The chamber

Being the aerial imaging the main function of this drone, it is equipped with a camera stabilized by a gimbal of 3 axes, positioned very similar to the DJI Spark, with capacity of recording of video 1080p at 30 fps and capture of photographs with 8 MP.

As far as video recording is concerned, the maximum resolution of 1080p “knows” us little, since we expected a device launched in late 2018 to have the capacity to record 4K video, however it is understandable given the price.

In flight

In terms of flight characteristics, the FIMI A3 has GPS-assisted flight and is remote controlled by FPV up to a maximum distance of 1000 meters and maximum flight height of 500 meters. The autonomy is a fantastic 25 minutes, guaranteed by a 3-cell battery of 2000 mAh / 22.2 Wh operating at 11.1 V, with standard charging port. This autonomy, to be confirmed, is excellent for this range of drones.

This drone uses propellers with a length of 7.5 inches, with a pitch of 3.6 inches. The maximum speed you can reach horizontally is 18 m / s, with 6 m / s maximum climbing speed and 5 m / s maximum speed descending.


The FIMI A3 has dimensions of 285 x 229 x 69 mm, with a diagonal of 323 mm, confirming that it is smaller than the Mi Drone 4K (for an idea of ??its size, the dimensions in plan are not very different from the of an A4 sheet). It is, however, bigger than DJI Spark, so it does not allow portability at this level.

In terms of weight, 560 g is announced, which is a very interesting value considering that the new legislation that regulates the use of drones will require civil liability insurance with more than 900 grams, where it will be excluded from this obligation.

Flight Modes

The new drone of Xiaomi also has several automatic flight modes, which allow for easy image capture. Functions such as Follow Me are available, which allows you to set and follow a person or object; Orbit, which traces a circumference around a predefined point; Dronie, who makes an upward movement as she moves away from the set point; Headless, where the drone no longer has a front, moving horizontally in the direction in which the control is moved; and of course, the mandatory function of any drone other than a toy, Return to Home, which lacks presentations.

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Another interesting aspect of this drone is its built-in remote control. Its appearance is simple and clean, very much in the style of what Xiaomi has accustomed us, with some lines inspired by the remote control of the Mi Drone 4K, but this time includes a screen for operations that were previously done using a smartphone or tablet with the App My Drone.

Among the usual functions, such as drone and gimbal control, return to the starting point and programmable buttons, there is also a GPS mode / Sport mode selector, which promises to allow more adrenaline-fueled flights.

Finally, even more novelty: a door to DIY (Do It Yourself). Although the capabilities of this interface are not yet completely clear, this DIY port is no more than a drone-embedded 6-pin connector where a variety of devices, such as LED tapes, can be connected to the drone, servo motors that allow some operation flight, such as releasing something that is stuck to the drone, or even igniting for fireworks.

This is something that is not common to see in household drones like this, and may open the door to new applications for this drone.


In conclusion, from what we could see of this new drone of Xiaomi, is a very interesting equipment with a clear objective of attacking the market of the compact drones. It has very interesting features, such as flight time, intelligent functions and screen on the remote control, but also other things that you do not like, such as shooting only video with 1080p resolution, or even being non-collapsible, at a time when that users ask for this feature.

Compared with DJI drums, which are inevitably the benchmark in the market, not being foldable and not filming 4K, it does not compete with the Mavic series, however it clearly enters into competition with DJI Spark, but it costs twice the price.

Not offering Spark-style portability due to its superior dimensions, it allows a much longer flight time, which is Spark’s Achilles’ heel, and includes a built-in remote control when Spark, in its latest version does not include remote control.

As usual, Xiaomi brings us an equipment with features that, while not top, offer the user an experience close to top equipment, but at an unbeatable price.

At the moment the FIMI A3 is available for approximately $221 using coupon code: Coupon Code: 612105 For $221.99 and Coupon Code: 5e5a6d For $252.99 which is an extremely appealing price for what it offers. Shipping using the EU Priority Line method does not incur customs costs.

What do you think of the new Xiaomi drone? Does it have what it takes to have the same success as your older brother Mi Drone?

Coupon Code: 612105


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