Buy the sleek Xiaomi Amazfit Antelope Light Outdoor Sports Shoes for $46.99

Xiaomi announced a new product in April this year, manufactured by Huami technologies and dubbed Amazfit Antelope Light Sports Shoes. The sports footwear adopts an attractive and durable design that made it a focus of attention when it launched.  The sports shes is now available outside China via GearBest in case you fancy it.Amazfit Antelope Running shoes

The Amazfit Antelope Light Sports Shoes has a simple but attractive design. The upper design is said to be inspired by the flow curve of modern architecture. The fabric is manufactured using hot melt film moulding process. Thus, it does not only retain the outlook of an interwoven fabric design, it also has a soft texture. The design also includes a transparent waterproof layer but the design takes into account the need for airflow into the interior.

The sole fitted on the Amazfit Sports shoes equally adopt an ergonomic design and the insole is designed according to the curvature of the foot bones. The sole is manufactured using the innovative material dubbed ERC which effectively absorbs the force of impact of the feet to the ground and feeds back the energy evenly to the feet. Tus, it acts as a shock absorber. The outsole adopts an abrasion-resistant rubber partitioned floor-to-ceiling textures to provide excellent grip performance with strong anti-wear and anti-slip properties.

Surprisingly, the Amazfit Sports shoes is a smart shoe. It has built-in MIJIA Smart Core 2 chip which records the basic daily movement data such as steps, mileage, consumption. The chip also has a running mode which accurately calculates the touchdown time and vacant ratio during running. There other professional sports data that can be recorded by the chip.

The Amazfit Antelope Light Running Shoes comes in different sizes ranging from size 35 to size 45. The sports shoes are also available in Black, Vibrant Orange, Grey for men while the female models come in Black, Mint Green and Rose Powder colours.

The Amazfit Sports shoes are presently available on GearBest for $46.99.


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