Buy Retro Mini Handheld Game Console with 500 Classic Games For Just $15.99

You may have lost your GameBoy years ago or you may have it hidden in some drawer and you do not have enough strength to check if it works or you have to throw it away. Whatever your situation, the feeling of nostalgia and the need to feel again what it is to be 12 years old has motivated the appearance of Retro Mini Handheld Game Console of small dimensions with which you can play until you get tired.

Buy Retro Mini Handheld Console Built-In 168 Games For $15.99

Retro Mini is a digital console with the ability to play GB and GBA games through a MicroSD slot and compatible with models up to 16GB. The screen of the console is 2 “LCD and a resolution of 240 x 160 pixels for the games to play with total fidelity. You can play without interruption with it up to 6 hours (rechargeable battery of 1000 mAh). Perfect to give to children that they have not known the experience of playing with this type of consoles, as well as adults who want to recover their childhood.

Initially, the vintage console includes 168 / 500 / 200 games installed, but as an additional element, we have that you can install ROMs with total comfort and speed, so the final catalog of games is unlimited. Maybe you think you do not need this console when you have emulators on your smartphone, but the grip and the gaming experience is totally different. In addition to games, you can access multimedia files thanks to its ability to read in various formats: images, videos, music, as well as .txt to read as an ebook.

It also has multi-language support of 25 languages, including English, Portuguese and Spanish. Includes speakers to reproduce the sounds of the games, as well as a 3.5 mm port to connect the headphones.

You can find this amazing Retro Mini Handheld Console in the at a price of $15.99 with an incredible discount. If you want to appropriate this Handheld Console you just have to enter from the following link:

Buy Retro Mini Handheld Console Built-In 168 Games For $15.99

Buy Retro Mini Handheld Console Built-In 500 Games For $15.99

Buy Retro Mini Handheld Console Built-In 200 Games For $51.45

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