Buy Nitecore TIP2 Magnetic Keychain Flashlight For Just $28.99 (Coupon Deal)

A true innovator never dwells on their own success. After the highly popular Nitecore TIP, Nitecore redefines keychain flashlight once again with the Nitecore TIP2. Doubling the power of the Nitecore TIP, TIP2 reaches up to 720 lumens and over 100 yards in distance. Shorter than a car key and lighter than 1.5 oz, TIP2 remains compact and lightweight. You can carry the light on a keychain, in your pocket or attach it to your backpack or cap bill with its detachable clip. TIP2 is the ultimate everyday carry flashlight you never want to miss.

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Buy Nitecore TIP2 Magnetic Keychain Flashlight From Gearbest

The TIP2 comes with a magnetic tail cap for quick detachment and easy access. This means you can enjoy hands-free operation because the TIP2 will stick to any ferromagnetic surface, great for confined spaces. The shell of the TIP2 is CNC machined from type III aluminum alloy, featuring lightweight, solid construction and excellent heat dissipation. The frosted metal surface of the TIP2 provides a comfortable and firm grip. The overall size is smaller than most car keys, at only 2.46 inches in length.

Nitecore TIP2 is easy to operate with a dual switch design. Press and hold the power switch to turn the light on or off and the mode switch to cycle through different brightness levels. Out of the box, TIP2 turns off automatically after 30 seconds to conserve the battery. You can also reconfigure the light so that it stays on until you turn the light off. TIP2 is USB rechargeable with an indicator that displays the remaining battery power. The TIP2 can run up to 55 hours on its low setting while easily fitting in the palm of your hand. The built-in battery is micro USB chargeable, with the port safe behind a waterproof magnetic cover.

Nitecore TIP2 achieves up to 55 hours runtime with its built-in rechargeable battery. Its power indicator displays the remaining battery power. When it is time to recharge, just connect it to any USB power source. TIP2 remains waterproof by concealing the USB port with a magnetic cover. The TIP2 comes with a detachable clip that fits on the body and allows you to fasten it on almost any surface.

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Coupon Code: NITETIP2

Buy Nitecore TIP2 Magnetic Keychain Flashlight From Gearbest

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