Buy Marsoar Glide Gimbal: 3-axis Handheld Stabilizer, For Just $69.99

Gimbal is a fantastic device for image stabilization from a camera or smartphone camera. With the development of technology, more models offer more and more features, and their prices are falling dramatically. A new producer – MarSoar – has recently appeared on the market. MarSoar Glide is not much different in appearance than other popular three-axle gimbals. To be able to compare it with them, you need to take a closer look at the most important technical features:

Buy Marsoar Glide Gimbal For Just $75.99


The design of the MarSoar Glide gimbal looks like all competitors, not a unique design. But on the other hand, it looks simple and feels solid. Polycarbonate materials are used to protect against damage from falling and scratching.

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The marSoar Glide is a device you mainly use when walking around. But you can also screw it on a tripod. With its integrated 1800 mAh battery (8 hours of use) it is aimed for mobility, but storing it in your bag is a bit of a hassle. The axes are not locked when the gimbal is powered which make the gimbal wobbely and not easy to store in a persistent way. There are cases for other gimbals, but we haven’t found any specific for the marSoar Glide yet. You can use the protection of the original packaging, find your own case or even use a big sock to keep it in place.

MarSoar Glide Three-axis Bluetooth has been structured with the goal that its development does not confine the usefulness of the camera. This implies simple access to the screen simply, the prevalent precise structure does not cover the screen amid shooting or recording, permitting free encircling. The handle can be effectively expelled from the gadget for safe transport or capacity.

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The MarSoar App

So the app is not required to use the marSoar Glide but you probably got the hints that we recommend it anyway. With the app, you can perform basic functions like zoom, start and stop your recording adjust the image/video settings and get the really cool features as timelapse and hyper-lapse modes. You can also use different tracking/lock options. These options work pretty well.

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Verdict & Buy

At the price point of around 70-80USD, the Marsoar Glide is a good addition to the gimbal market. Its quality is high and it is rich in features. Gimbals with similar features and 3 axis stabilization of A-brands are way more expensive than the Marsoar Glide, which makes the Marsoar a very good buy. Marsoar Glide 3-axis Handheld Gimbal is now available on Gearbest For Just at $75.99 On Flash Sale, if you want to buy you can just Click the Following Link:

Buy Marsoar Glide Gimbal For Just $75.99


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